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it's contagious!!! - UPDATED!


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elizabeth - what have you started!!:?


i love your bag SO much, i decided to make one using some yarn i spun...

DSC01493.jpg liked the pattern it was making so much!


i decided to do it again with some more of my spun yarn that i had decided not to use it for the purpose it was spun:


so why am i showing you unfinished bags? because i'm excited! i love them.... so far.

and i've run out of yarn. still PLENTY of roving, so i am going to spin tonight instead of crochet after the kids go to bed!!!

:spina :spina :spina :spina :spina :spina

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Rebecca those are beautiful... I alwasy wanted a spinning wheel and sheep (I swear when I was a kid I used to dream of spinning)!


Beth you did create a monster. I'm trying my hand at it. :P

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ummm yeah let's blame it all on Beth *g* I have just about enough of the green wool I made the hat that wasn't out of, I'm planning a bag too *big grin*




Rebecca, those are some yummy yarns you spun! I love them as they are... can't wait to see 'em felted!

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Okay - a quick post.....i'm heading to Joanns to pick up some wool yarn....I have to try it too!!! These bags are awesome!!! Here's one question - does it need to be 100% wool? I think i'll pick up the Sensations that Deb used earlier. :thinking1

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Carmen - I sent you a message... should be in you EZinbox.


100% wool is the best to use. Like Paton's Classic Merino Wool (JoAnn's has this as well).


Good luck! :))

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i'm glad you all like my yarn!!! :cloud9

i spun another spindle of the peacock and have the bag part finished. i'm working on the strap now..... hopefully i'll get it done tonight. (i'm fairly slow) i'd love to get it in the wash tonight and start drying:hyper :hyper :hyper

this is going to be a Christmas present for my sister - part of my gift-a-long :woohoo

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well, here is the peacock bag finished - although i have to say, it's not as great as i had wanted it to be..... oh well still have plenty of roving to spin - i just might make a different style this next go 'round.


the whole bag:



close up of how the white fulled:



close up of how fuzzy it got:



another close up:



i'm thinking of brushing out some of the places that didn't fuzz as much as the others.....


ideas? opinions?

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I like the peacock one!!!! The different textures are what makes it so interesting <img border=0 src="http://img28.photobucket.com/albums/v84/crochetville/bounce012.gif" />


I can't wait to see the orangie one done!



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