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    Married, 2 sons, 1 Grandson
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    Crochet--of course. Old Time Radio, Time Travel Books and Movies.
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    Special Education Teacher and Student
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    Anything that keeps my hands busy
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    35 years (ever since I was 7 or so)
  1. The older movie "A Walk in the Clouds" Starring Keanu Reeves has so many beautiful things done in crochet that have inspired me. Purses, hats, afghans and shawls. Rent it and watch it.
  2. Carol, I cant even remember the last time I posted, But I NEED to tell you how gifted I think you are with the poetry that's right on point! What a gift you have. If I ever need a ditty, I'm glad there's you to turn to. Kathleen
  3. THey turned out so cute! good job!
  4. Very cool idea. I love it and it would be so easy to make in crochet!
  5. If you go to the official site and click on Melinda's closet, there are several of her outfits you can click on and look at. One impartacular if you click on a little red purse next to the hat boxes in the lower left hand corner, a GORGEOUS antique crochet lace blouse and jacket are shown! There are a couple of other crochet outfits there too. Have fun just looking at all the clothes! http://www.cbs.com/primetime/ghost_whisperer/mels_closet.shtml
  6. Very nice! Love flowers in doilies. The colors are great too!
  7. Very nice.. so do you love or hate working with thread now?
  8. Great stitch on that afghan! I love all the crocheting you did for Mia.. alas, I have a grandson and crochet isn't as cute on boys as it is girls. I have a rat terrier too! She looks like she could be the twin of your tan and white one!! When I put her sweater on her, she looks about as ticked off as Carly! LOL You can see Moppett, and her crocheted strait-jacket (she thinks so) here... http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v369/Bagpipes/IMG_0155.jpg
  9. So cute! Did I not fall in love with the Easter egg doily last year?? If so, I'm in love again, if not..LOVE IT!
  10. So adorable.. but the little one wearing it is gorgeous! Absolutely precious!
  11. You know, there is a tradition out there that if you sew hair into the hem of a garment, it is suppose to bring good luck. Maybe its the same if you crochet hair into a project. On the other hand, I read somewhere Lady Diana had hair sewn into the hem of her wedding gown, and we know what kind of luck she had.. so I'm not sure about the hair legend after all.
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