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  1. Ha! Yes, my psycho kitty would love them. I might as well make them, immediately cut them off and hand them over. :cat:cat
  2. I think I need to make this, any thoughts on stitch pattern & yarn? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldkQIM-IiWM It's right at the very beginning, just about 5 seconds in.
  3. Thanks everyone!!! I'm happy to report the auction raised over $57,000!!!! That should be enough for 12 children to get life saving heart surgery. I'm still waiting to get over there to bring home my little guy. We are hoping to be allowed to travel by the end of the month. I'm ready to go, just waiting for that final approval Holly
  4. In my adoption groups, Love Without Boundaries is viewed as an exceptional charity. They make a huge difference in the lives of so many orphans, providing extra care, medical needs, surgeries and nutritional support. They are holding their 3rd annual "Born in My Heart" auction specifically to raise funds for heart surgeries. For this year's auction, I donated a crochet shawl made from yarn I spun (clicky clicky here to see) . The yarn is a mohair blend, the pattern just a simple DC v-stitch. There are over 600 gorgeous items in the auction - original art work, clothing, jewelry etc. I know I'm sounding like an infomercial at the moment, but they really are a fabulous group. All volunteers, there are no salaried employees. Last year their administrative costs were only 1.7%, which means over 98% of the funds collected go directly towards helping the kiddos Holly
  5. Nooooo ::::sob::::: I really would like to go, went last year and had a greattime but Hubby has to go out of town this weekend. I simply can not see dragging DS with me, somehow I don't think an 11 yr old boy would be as enthralled as I would be. Plus I'd have to find someone to watch the pests pets because we'd need to stay overnight. So whoever does go, please pet the sheep and the yarn for me!!! Holly
  6. Paulette that's funny you mention jury duty. I just got done with 18 weeks of Grand Jury (1 day a week). We were "drug day" so almost all the cases we heard were fairly straightfoward posession. I was seated in the back row and we had high back chairs so it was easy for me to crochet discreetly. At first I was only working between witnesses but then I started doing it full time because I could pull it off. I did make sure I was working on small projects (scarfs, baby blankets) that I could keep down in my lap and with simple repeats so I was able to keep my eyes up and wasn't having to look at instructions. I kept my yarn in a tote bag on the floor at my side. None of the staff had a problem with it. Then another lady decided she was going to start crocheting. She sat in the front row right in front of the witness chair. She brought in this hot pink think with fun fur that was constantly getting tangled. If she had to pull more yarn, it was a big production with lifting her arms over her head. Constantly fussing around with the directions and lots of hook dropping. Needless to say the clerk had to say something and of course, she couldn't tell that lady to stop without telling me to stop as well Holly
  7. Last week I was spinning some fun Days End roving from High Prairie Fiber. Then this weekend my lizard bit my finger so it will be a few more days before I can spin or crochet again And that boys and girls, is why we don't stick our fingers in lizard's mouths Holly
  8. I think it's totally cute and I wish I could pull off that kind of look. I think it's mis-modled though. It's more of a going out to a club kind of thing, over a tank top. It does look kind of dopey over a long sleeved T Holly
  9. Thank you everyone!!! I'm sorry, somehow I didn't see that this thread had been revived If anyone has any questions feel free to em or pm me Holly
  10. Waiting to get packed up! You ladies are the best!!!! Monie, I got your sweaters & hats today. Adorable!!! The little burgandy one... do you remember the name of the pattern/book that was from? Soooooo cute!!! Barbara, I got two more of your sweaters today too!! So little and precious!!! Thanks to all of you, 18 more babies will be warm very soon! I got a note from my lady in China..the first box was delivered to her on Christmas Day! How's that for timing? And yes, I will keep taking them for as long as people feel like making them! Holly
  11. Karin!!!!!! I got the *6* sweaters you sent today!!! Such fun colors and a nice range of sizes. Ladies, you generosity is the very best gift:gift I could receive this year Thank you so much Holly
  12. Sue! Your 3 fantastic sweaters arrived today Thank you so much!!! Holly
  13. Barbara! I got your sweaters! They are precious!!! Thank you so much Holly
  14. Kagome, thank you!!! Don't worry about color combos, use what you've got Monie, thank you too!!!! I'll let you know when they get here, I'm sure it will be before the next box goes out Holly
  15. I have no idea but my guess would be no. It's plastic, and while it might take a little bit of color, i don't think it would be consistant and I'd have doubts on how long it would stay. Love to see the results if you try it though! Holly
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