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They call me Mr. Grinch

Tampa Doll

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I found this pattern on FB with cute Christmas toys.  They were Santa, tree, snowman, elf, penguin and several others.

I tried making it with the yarn they called for size 2 with a size 4 hook.  It came out 5" tall.  I wanted to go smaller, but my brain froze.  I then asked here if I could use a size 7 hook and size 10 thread and it will come out smaller.  Thank you NCcountrygirl for waking my brain up.

Anyway, here is my first attempt with the first one. The rest will be in thread.

Introducing Mr. Grinch.


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Love it, I could have used one of those for my desk when I was working.  It was my nick name at Christmas because I couldn't stand jingle bells playing on the loud speaker all day.  lol

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