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seeking best place on line to buy red heart mexicana yarn ???

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Totally have no idea of the best online source (you are very unlikely to find free shipping), but Red Heart has been bought out by...I don't even know the parent company name, but the online direct source for RHSS is now Yarnspirations.  That parent co. now owns most US yarn companies.

Yarn colors come and go, and I noticed before the acquisition that at least 1 brand name under the Coats & Clark/RH umbrella had disappeared, so you might want to snag what you need sooner rather than later.

That color still seems to be available directly from the 'source', but may not be at other online sources.   https://www.yarnspirations.com/red-heart-super-saver-yarn/E300.html?dwvar_E300_color=Pumpkin&cgid=#q=mexicana&prefn1=brand&prefv1=Red+Heart&start=1

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Joann's has it here  I don't see an offer for free shipping but they have regular offers that come and go there is often a minimum buy as shipping is a cost for them as well.

Fabric.com has it again with shipping starting at $4.99

If you have a Michael s near you it appears to be on sale this week although already sold out online

Ben Franklin has it online don't know what the shipping costs are

It's hard when you have a specific color you need you often need to order it and pay either in price or shipping.  With Red Heart being bought out it may even be more challenging to get the specific colors you want.  As stated above if this is a color you need to finish a project, my suggestion would be to do a search online for the color and get what you need before it is discontinued to be sure you can complete the project.  If it is a general interest for a color than the pressure to find it can wait and you can shop around for better options on pricing.

I don't know what other options you have in the area for yarn other than Walmart, but if shipping is a concern checking there isn't a bad choice either.  Joann's, Michals, AC Moore,, and I'm sure there are plenty of other craft chains we don't have in this area.  I did a quick check online because while we don't have a local one I do order from Hobby Lobby online and I don't think they carry Red Heart.



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I allways buy my yarn at Joann.com. They have a LOT of yarn!. Their prices are not so bad. Very often they have sales. Today they have 20% OFF your whole purchase. They do not charge a lot for shipping. Sometimes they even offering shipping for $2.99 or $4.99. If you have that store near you can pic that up, no shipping charges.

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