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    brenda rolfe
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    I have been married for 43 years. I have crocheted since i was 8 and as you can see along time ago. I am 63. I taught myself to knit 43 years ago. I am left handed. if the pattern says i am making one side i am actually making the other. I also quilt. I don't do the gardening but i do still can.
    I work at the local hospital.
    I have 6 biological grandchildren and 3 step granddaughters. 6girls in all.
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    crocheting knitting quilting
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    front dest at a Marriott hotel
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    anything and everything. I don't really like to crochet blocks. hate to sew them together.
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    to many years to count actually 55

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  1. I need one or two skeins of Red Heart super saver yarn called lipstick # 0930. It is red with some black in it.
  2. I will look at our walmart. I may have a skein left. I will look.
  3. I'm back!! It's been a long time. I now have 8 grandchildren and I haven't stopped crocheting.
  4. I have the color you want I believe. I am at the minute using it for a Afghan when I done you can have what I have left.
  5. I was 8 my mother taught me. I learned to knit at the age of 20 and then taught my mom to knit. We are left handed so as I read the book I learned to change hands. Anyway I can from a very talented family, there wasn't many crafts they didn't do
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