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  1. I got to Round 27 with Phoenix#1. That was a hard round but it's amazing how much texture it produced.
  2. I would be happy to share our rain with y'all, even though we aren't getting what we usually get. It's still too much.
  3. Here are my phoenix blankets to round 20.
  4. I am struggling so much lately with confusion on this forum. I feel stupid that I could not do the count. I used to be a Systems Analyst Programmer and now I can't even do forums without struggle. Perhaps I should give it up... Thank you for posting the numbers for me.
  5. Yes, those are really cool and seems like it would be easy to figure out.
  6. sorry. I tried to post the week's scores earlier but couldn't figure it out on my phone. Plus several people didn't post their numbers until early this morning. I had it all set up to copy and paste from my email but trying to edit and then post was just too confusing on my phone in a bumpy car :(.
  7. I tried the rewriting for a few rounds and then determined it's not worth all that extra effort. I'd rather be crocheting. . .
  8. Wow, you are cooking! Following this pattern is such a struggle for me. I guess it doesn't help that I get interrupted a lot, but the way it is written is too wordy for me. I am thinking of rewriting each round as I go. to make future ones easier.
  9. Here are my two phoenix afghans up to round 15.
  10. I used a skein of cotton yarn making two dishcloths yesterday. +2 added to my wtd
  11. JustDeb

    Pattern help

    I have no idea but I like the fabric on your chair :).
  12. JustDeb

    Kay jackson

    I think you just hdc in each stitch whether it is a BPsc or a sc.
  13. that is wonderful news. Sorry I didn't respond sooner. I think I'm finally figuring out this forum. Maybe. So glad your mom is done with treatment. Blessings.
  14. if you use a mini knitty knoddy you can measure out how long one wrap is and figure out how many wraps you need for 50 yards. Also going by weight you can measure out one 50 yard ball and weigh it and then check the weight of the next balls until you get the right amount. I have done both ways when making sock yarn minis. I have a yarn counter too and it works but it's finicky. I only use it to measure the length of my handspun because the other two methods won't work well for my uneven yarn.
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