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  1. I logged in after changing my password again and logged out could not get back in again . It said The display name or password were incorrect. Please try again (make sure your caps lock is off) . I did it 2 more times same thing. I guess it is not meant to be. I thank all of you for your input and grannysquare for the crossed fingers. I sent a help request to the Ravelry Crochetville group like villager but I have no ID what my computer Id is and do I really want to give that out? I am logging out again . Thanks
  2. I just changed my password again I am about to check box to keep me signed in I think I tried that so we all see if I can log back in. I want to thank all of you for trying to help. I appreciate all of you. If I don't update that means I cannot get back in again .oops I think I only get that option at log in lol lol we will see .
  3. I did that and did not work. I even used IE and did not work. I did delete my old link and I am now going through a new link so I am about to log out and try again. I hope I can get back in. Thank you
  4. thanks I just had to change it again. I sure hope it gets fixed. I don't know how many more times it will let me change my passward. Please contact her in case I can't for any reason. I am off to try now.Thank you.
  5. I posted in the technical forum and I can't log in unless I change my password again. I have changed it 5 times. I am not sure if it is my password or my email but I can't log in unless I change my password again to read technical forum I am registered to my knowledge. I just logged in using my last password but only offer receiving option through email to reset.It won't take password on home page sign in for some reason. ok I finally got logged back in thanks to an email asking me to complete registration and just now again it would not accept my password again. I had to change it aga
  6. I posted in the technical forum and I can't log in again using my password again. I have changed it 3 times. I am not sure if it is my password or my email but I can't log in again to read any replies. I am being allowed to post this and register later. I am registered to my knowledge. Any help is appreciated. (perplexeds) Thank you! perplexeds@yahoo.com
  7. thanks so much for all the ideas, Walmart is my option in my small town. I always thought mexicana was so popular that it would always be there.
  8. Hi, my local walmart did not have any red heart super saver Mexicana yarn art 2300 and I bet they won't get any for weeks. Do any of you have ideas on best place on line to order for best price with free shipping? I thank you.
  9. Hi I am not far from you in Adams county Natchez area.
  10. Hello, I am from Adams county Ms Natchez way. I am hoping to find a crochet buddy. Have a great afternoon!
  11. Thank you both so much. I see some cute things, Granny square I had one of what you use as a young girl growing up , thanks for that idea. You sound as if you do such pretty work. I am just getting back into this after years of not crocheting. I missed it. Smskutt I would love ETA: Ooo! What about THIS? that you linked but at this time might be a bit to fancy for me but thank you. I sure do like it though. Thanks so much for taking the time to help me.
  12. Hi, I am getting back into crocheting and I seeking ideas for reasonable price storage for my thread,hooks etc. I am using a large cloth bag and I am having to search for stuff as I need it.I would like a caddy square or round or storage bag that has pocket for hooks and scissors and space balls of yarn. I also would be willing to buy used in good condition. Thanks so much and happy crocheting.
  13. I was wondering if this happened to anyone else.too.. I try and put my hair in a ponytail and not let it fall in my work. Thanks!
  14. hi, I learned in my early teens I am 52 now, I was taught by an aide at a cerebral palsy school, they thought it was good hand therapy and it was. I am so happy I learned.
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