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Angel Blankets


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Good Morning! I had a member ask me to tell about

what I have started with Pug Rescue. I just learned

to crochet and I am doing little blankets for Pug

Rescue. I do them for Homeward Bound Pug Rescue

in Oklahoma and Pug Hearts in Texas. I use pretty

much any yarn I can find at a good price. The blankets

go to the puggies that are in the worst condition and

need their own little blanket to love. Right now I am

using a pattern called Bev's Five Day Blanket, lol, not

5 days for me. I look for patterns all the time that

are fast and easy. I like them to be about 3ft. square.

Sometimes I do a little bigger. The one I am working on now is for a sweet little guy named Don Vito. His

owner had to go to Iraq and had to give him up to

rescue. He has since become a very sick little boy.

Here is a pic, the first one, so not too hot lol;)


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Awesome job! Oh, and I love that yarn...it's so soft. Your blankets will comfort many pugs, how Sweet of you to make them. Thanks for taking the time to share with us.


Is this the pattern?




Yes that is the one.:) Dawn-Zoezoesmom gave it

to me.:hug

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Oh wow! You truly are an angel for these puppies! Cool!! I am so a wanna be pug owner! I LUV pugs!! My goal is to own 2. One tan, one gray. Both females. Their names would be bubbles & princess. I would spoil them to death! Yep, I am a true wanna be! lol!!

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Your blankets are lovely! I make dog blankets for rescue too - Boston Terriers, another smooshy faced breed! LOL I belong to a Boston Terrier board and anytime someone adopts a senior Boston, I send a blanket. The seniors are often overlooked - you know everybody wants a puppy.


Over the last 3 years, I have donated more than 200, not to mention friends and family wanting blankets too! LOL


Your blankets are more time consuming than what I make....I use fleece and crochet a border all around - can make one in an evening while watching TV.


Keep up the good work.

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I make snuggles for local humane society.

I applaud you for taking time to make these blankets.

Good for you! And for the pugs. :clap:cheer



What is a snuggle? My dog is a rescue, and I would like to make something for the shelter she came from. Thanks.

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Awww, God Bless You for thinking of these little guys and for doing something to offer them some comfort! I almost cried when I read about little Don Vito! Poor little guy!


I've been working in animal rescue for more than 30 years now, with primarily cats but we also help dogs of all breeds that need help. It's so heartbreaking to think of them needing a family to love and to love them back, but when they HAVE that, and something as senseless as war takes it away from them, that's just too much to bear! It's difficult enough for us humans to deal with, and we understand what it all means, but it's just so heartbreaking for them, because all they know is that their little worlds have been turned upside down, and they have no idea why.


:hug:hug:hug:hug to you for trying to make their lives a little easier.

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I am a Girl Scout leader for 10 & 11 year olds. We are always looking for new community service ideas. I love yours. Maybe I can get some girls involved.


I'm sure they love to snuggle in your blankets.

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