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    Wife, Mom, and Mom to my fur baby
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    Yarn collecting, crocheting, knitting, and altering stationary
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    Crochet-Blankets Knitting-Scarves
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    late 70's was taught the basics...now I want to learn more! lol
  1. Did anyone take pictures of all the yarn!? Seriously I want to see inside Smiley's!!!! lol Glad you had a Good Time at the Sale.
  2. Oh, I wanna go so, bad!!! Please...Please someone take pictures of inside Smiley's, I have to see what I'm missing. I've tried to figure out how to fly into Laguardia airport...anyone know what airline goes there from Maryland or any other state? I will make it there some day... Have Fun Ladies!
  3. I've never been but, I'll be there Saturday...is there any vendors that carry all cotton?
  4. Awesome...Starghan! Hope your off your Yarn Diet soon...
  5. Welcome Alice...keep us posted on your progress! This was my first CAL too. Well, I washed/dried my tote! The first thing I noticed was the NEW look was gone but, it does look very loved. Shrinkage 1-2 inches tops and now very very floppy. Like I said before if you put something heavy in it...it will be dragging on the ground, Eeek! Making a smaller tote would work better for my needs. How is everyone else doing???
  6. Awesome job! Oh, and I love that yarn...it's so soft. Your blankets will comfort many pugs, how Sweet of you to make them. Thanks for taking the time to share with us. Is this the pattern? http://www.bevscountrycottage.com/5-daylovie.html
  7. To be honest even if you put card board in the bottom like the pattern calls for it's still floppy. I'm going to try washing and drying it to shirnk it some, I'll let you know how it turns out. Either way I'm going to make a smaller one since I have a rainbow of colors in my stash.
  8. Wow, Great job everyone! I want to send some too...Donna send me your address, please. I already have 6 done and hope to do a few more before dropping them in the mail tomorrow. Thanks!
  9. Cool, join in the CAL Debbie! Cotton was on sale for .99 each when I went so, I bought a few of each color, hee hee Also, looked at pattern books using cotton to see different color combos used together. Really diggin Turquoise, Green, and White. I'm not diggin my finished tote. For some reason I'm attracted to variegated yarn and never like how it turns out. I'm sticking to solids for now on! Now to find a project for all those single skeins of variegated yarn in my stash, Sigh!
  10. What color and brand are you looking for to finish your tote? Ok, mine is finished! It's my avatar up in the left hand corner. I want to do a smaller version and maybe add a liner with pockets/zipper. I'll check in when I start another tote. Happy Crocheting...
  11. I'm putting my shopping bag together...should be done tomorrow evening. I'll post a pic when I'm done. How's is going for everyone else?
  12. Welcome Patsy! OMG...just thinking about all those crocheting/knitting goodies make me Smile. Hopefully you have a craft room to display your books, needles and yarn. Happy Crocheting...
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