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  1. Very nice. I need to make two in different colors for my mom. She saves usable bags for the church food pantry, and bags with holes or newspaper bags for recycling at the grocery store. This would be an easy way to know which bags go where.
  2. When I have to work with Homespun I use the 'braille' method, just feel for the spaces, cause you sure can't see them unless the lighting is just right.
  3. After losing my crochet mojo for a time, I am finally starting to hook again, so I decided I better drop in and see what's happening at the 'ville since I have been gone. My back to crochet project is going to be an afghan, for myself this time. Working out the gauge for 12" (I hope) squares in both varigated and solid color yarn. Glad to see some old friends still here, and look forward to getting to know new ones.
  4. Judy, Mom is doing fine, she went up to her cousins in Redding PA for Thanksgiving, so Keith and Cassie can cook for her family. Her parents house in Highlands is standing, but waterlogged. I hope to get up to visit soon, but I've been so busy down here lately, it seems like a long way off before I can.
  5. Hi Judy, Happy Thanksgiving to you and all "Our House-ers"! Hopefully soon I will have internet at home and be able to play here again; meanwhile crocheting warm things to send up to NJ.
  6. Hey Judy, pet some yarn for me, please. The selection down here is almost as dismal as my yarn budget. Stay cool, I keep telling Mom to stay in, but she's out and about again today. At least her car has a great a/c.
  7. Judy, I love the picture of you with Lucy; and that hummingbird afghan is amazing! Mom is amazing for 87! She goes up to Perth Amboy to help at the church food pantry twice a week, as well as keeping busy at home. Keith (stepson for those who don't know me) and his gf Cassie have a baby girl now, Elizabeth, who is 3 mo. old and they are still sponging off, er living with my mom, as is another friend of theirs. Mom has to run them around a lot, as well as taking my other stepson, Mark to pick up his daughter Ryleigh at daycare a couple times a week. In between, she's finally started so
  8. Hi Everyone! *waving madly* still don't have home internet access, but with this heatwave and no a/c at home either, I have been spending a LOT of time at the library! Otherwise, I'm crocheting or reading in front of the fan. Heat index was 108 today, and at least we were out and about in the truck with a/c going full blast. I'm expecting not one but 2 grandchildren by love this winter. Maggie will be born just before Christmas and "squishy" hasn't shown his/herself yet, but is due in January. So needless to say, I'm making lots of baby things! I may be in the delivery room when "s
  9. I'm at the Crystal Coast, close to the hurricanes and not much else, lol.
  10. It looks like you carefully measured and planned for the zig zags to form.
  11. As long as the care instructions are the same for all the yarns, I've had NO trouble choosing several brands of yarn for one pattern. The only time to would need to be careful is if you mixed wool with acrylic that you remember to care for it as if it is a woolen item.
  12. I also suggest getting it checked out. I have that type of pain as a result of the muscles in my back being torn, but there can be different causes and you don't want to make things worse by not listening to your body.
  13. Sounds fun to me; I need to get back on track with my weight loss since the scale has been going the wrong way lately. I'll have to pick a pattern, I was just gifted with the yarn I want to use.
  14. The doctor told my mother to continue her emboridery and knitting as much as comfortable to prevent her arthritis from freezing up her hands. She's 84 and going strong.
  15. I may have to reduce in size a bit, but my dd just rescued a 2.9lb miniature dacshund puppy. He was abused and has a sprained leg and fractured trachea, but will be fine our vet says. Luckily, I have a tiny t-shirt that fits Beanie Weenie now.
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