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  1. Very nice. I need to make two in different colors for my mom. She saves usable bags for the church food pantry, and bags with holes or newspaper bags for recycling at the grocery store. This would be an easy way to know which bags go where.
  2. When I have to work with Homespun I use the 'braille' method, just feel for the spaces, cause you sure can't see them unless the lighting is just right.
  3. After losing my crochet mojo for a time, I am finally starting to hook again, so I decided I better drop in and see what's happening at the 'ville since I have been gone. My back to crochet project is going to be an afghan, for myself this time. Working out the gauge for 12" (I hope) squares in both varigated and solid color yarn. Glad to see some old friends still here, and look forward to getting to know new ones.
  4. Oh yes, I spend much more time looking at patterns, storing some on a thumb drive, and saying "someday" than I actually do crocheting. Part is not being able to afford buying yarn for a patterned afghan, and part is just lazy me.
  5. Greetings from a Jersey Girl now in the swamps of NC! I have fibro, too. Some days it helps to crochet cause it keeps my hands and fingers looser, but sometimes I can't even pick up a hook.
  6. Thank you ladies for all you do to help keep our computers safe! Happy New Year 2013!
  7. Hello from the Crystal Coast of North Carolina!
  8. I want to join in with the early wishes! Since I get online at the library, and they are closing this evening for Christmas and won't reopen until Wednesday , unless I get to McDonalds with the laptop I shall be Crochetvilleless . Fear not, I shall be back, even if they are closing once again next weekend and taking a long holiday. I will just stay home and watch tv and
  9. Greetings from the Crystal Coast! What type of yarn are you using to crochet? Acrylic is generally allergy free unless you are supersensitive to dyes used to color them. All wool is not created (or treated) equally, my friend can't use wool from sheep but can use alpaca. You may have to spend some detective time trying to find out what is causing the reaction.
  10. That's a "cake" of yarn, and what you get from most ball winders I know of. Royal is one brand, and I have one I like very much. It attaches to a table for use, I would like to someday have one that can either be attached or held by hand, I have seen some of them advertised. You can also 'google' yarn ball winder and find instructions to make a homemade one.
  11. Washing a non-superwash wool afghan would be a chore I'm not up to dealing with. Superwash, aka "washable wool" would be the way to go if you want to use a natural fiber.
  12. I LOVE my wooden hooks. I had given up crochet because of hand pain back when all I knew about were metal hooks. I saw some bamboo :chook and decided to give one a try. I can crochet again! Not only are the wooden hooks lighter in the hand than metal, they warm to the hand as you use them. I can even use the hooks that are metal with bamboo handles, and one of these days I may be brave enough to try thread crochet again.
  13. Hi from a Jersey Girl (Matawan area) currently living at the Crystal Coast of NC!. I'm sorry to hear your neck pain has caused you to stop crocheting. I find I have to properly warm up my neck, sit correctly and take frequent breaks and stretches or I have terrible trouble with neck pain and arm numbness.
  14. Deep breathing, some nice music or a tv show you don't have to actually watch to follow, and a soothing beverage of choice will make this much easier.
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