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  1. I am 48 and am pretty much self taught, have been crocheting 5 or 6 years........oh how I wish I had listened to Gram and my Aunt when they tried to teach me in younger years. My 24 year old DD has not picked it up yet, but has hooks, a book and yarn for when the bug bites.
  2. Found the link, I thought this was a pretty set. http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Crochet/Projects/HomeDec/LW1645+Crochet+Eco-Chic+Bath+Set.htm
  3. I recently printed out a pattern for crochet wash cloth's and hand towels, I thought they would make nice gifts. I am pretty sure I would get bored doing anything larger than that.
  4. I'm joining in! I have never tried a RR before and yesterday decided there was not a better time than now.....I have no clue how big I am going to make it or who it is for. It's a fun pattern, I will post progress pics later. I have to confess I did screw up the center:( but it turned out pretty neat looking so I left it alone.
  5. I have built my stash by hitting Big Lots, AC Moore and The Dollar Tree, it's fun to go yarn shopping in my stash. And with Viller's sharing so many great patterns and the sites for free patterns, you should be able to keep it under control. Although I may faint if I ever count what I have spent on my stash even on sale!
  6. Oh dear! I just made a bath puff with cotton last night, exactly the one you are talking about. I did not know they don't dry well. I made them to go along with some darling butterfly washcloths. Gonna have to rethink that one I guess.
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