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    I have 2 beautiful daughters
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    Port St Lucie FL
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    Crochet, more crochet, and more crochet!
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    That depends. I have a "request" list too long :)
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    Since I was a young. Just picked it up again a few yrs ago.
  1. Thank you very much everyone!! Wow!! My mom will luv these birds!!
  2. crochetville yarnaholic214 ravelry yarnaholic214 I haven't been on ravelry in quite some time though. I am still exploring the site! From what I have seen so far, its really a great site!
  3. Good afternoon everyone! I am looking for a canary bird pattern. Or, a pattern that looks something like it. It does not have to be exact. My mom luvs these birds. I would like to crochet a bunch for her and then crochet a nest. Thank you all for any help you give me! I truly do appreciate it!!
  4. Do you have any of her old crochet books/magazines? Sometimes those are truly your best bet.
  5. I cannot thank you all enough for your thoughts and prayers!! My mom pulled thru! Yes she did!! Its a miracle!! I received the good news last night from my dad. She was moved from ICU to a private room. Now, its just a matter of time when she will be released. Also, I did find out who made the complaints. It turns out its my upstairs neighbor, who I have not a clue who she is. (I don't know personally. Just coming & going). Then, Alex found out the Security woman was fired!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!! I tell ya, she was trouble. Plus, explained to our landlord what was going on. He is behind us, does not believe the broad, and told the condo board to stop harassing us! Yep! Now, I can live in peace, and not have to worry anywore. Thank goodness!! Take care everyone! Again, thank you for all you have done for me. Your all in my prayers. Please keep up the fantastic work! I luv all the new projects!!
  6. Hi everyone! I have wonderful news, and bad news. First the wonderful news. I have the best landord anyone can have!!! My situation is now taken care of thanks to him, and my wonderful friends, who are my neighbors. It turns out the person complaining was not my former landlady. Its actually a woman who lives above us. Thats ok. She will get what she is due. Now for the bad news. Right now, my mom is in the hospital. The last I heard, she is getting better. Please keep her in your prayers. There is a possibility that this could be the end for her. Or, a miracle will happen. Thank you all for everything! Hopefully I will be back soon and start posting again.
  7. Your right hun. It is 2 different owners. The one now is great. The other one, well, we all know where greed will get you. She will get hers. It may take time, but, she will. I am a firm believer in karma. Otherwise, so far so good here. Just trying to catchup on past projects. Take care and God bless
  8. Good morning everyone!! :manyheart I know I haven't met any of my promises to alot of you. I am truly, very sorry. Unfortuntely, life has dealt me nothing but sour lemons. Yep, too sour to even make lemonade. Just a quick update on what has happened. I moved from 1 condo to another in the same building. I was on a 2nd floor. I am now on a 1st floor. Which is so much easier. The downside, the 1st floor was a disaster! Yep! Between cleaning, painting, & my family's stuff, it was just a living nightmare. Now, I am officially settled in and my landord is one happy camper! Turns out he wanted us to move down here for yrs! We just could not do because our lease on 2nd floor was not up. Now, for the downside. Yes, we did break our lease upstairs to come down here. Not bad, only 2 months left. Turns out the landlady is not what she appears to be. So she is wants to make trouble. No big deal for me. I will end it AND win the war! Now, I have to hire an attorney because of her, and accusations made against us with the condo board "per security" (She is a joke!). The sad thing is, I have only been down here 3 weeks. So, we shall see. I have squares that I made and promised too, only I don't remember who. If I promised you squares, please, please, PLEASE!! let me know!! I will get them out ASAP!! Just let me know what colors & size. I have no problem doing that. Again, I am so sorry for not fulfilling my promise to you all. With a little luck (and a winning attitude), I can pick up where I left off. God bless you and families! You have no idea how much I miss you all. I may not post much. I do want to let you all know that every project looks fantasic!!:cheer Wow!!! Hopefully I can be just as great!! Big huggs with lottsa luv Linda chirpybirdy18
  9. Wow!! Howdy neighbors!! Port St Lucie here!! Treasure Coast.
  10. Oh wow! You truly are an angel for these puppies! Cool!! I am so a wanna be pug owner! I LUV pugs!! My goal is to own 2. One tan, one gray. Both females. Their names would be bubbles & princess. I would spoil them to death! Yep, I am a true wanna be! lol!!
  11. You could also try Herschners. The site is always having sales, plus, they do offer some colors online. I order the catalogs. This way I can see more. Plus, I just received a new catalog from Mary Maxim. Wow!! There were alot of colors & types of the peaches & cream. Plus cones too! Great prices also. Maybe peaches & cream has a catalog? Sometimes its easier to order a catalog. Offers way more than websites. Plus, I also do alot of price comparison online. One just not ever knows who has the better deals.
  12. Okey dokey hunny bunny!! Getting on it ASAP for you!!
  13. I just pm'd you luv. That is very sad. My grandmother has that also. She does not remember anyone anymore. I believe she is 92 or 94. Not sure. Her mind is gone, but, she is very healthy! Yep! She already outlived her mother, who died at the age of 82 I believe. What you are doing is wonderful. God bless you hun for doing this. For this is where our angels are found. In the generosity of others.
  14. If you need squares hun, just let me know. I will "square away" for ya!
  15. Please accept my deepest condolences hun. What a shame. I have 2 blue, & 2 pink squares done. I will get them out today. If you have enough, please keep them hun. You never know when you need a "square".
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