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  1. Has this pattern been put out for purchase yet? I've been wondering since she posted for testers. Thanks.
  2. I am in LOVE with this!!! What magazine can I get this out of?! I've been wanting to try a painted doily for a long time. I've been looking at some books on other sites, but nothing compares to what you've done. It's magnificent!!! Absolutely stunning!!! If you could give me any information on how to track this pattern down, I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. That is beautiful!!! I've been waiting to see some progress on this afghan. I want to make one, too!!! LOL You're doing famously. Keep it up!!!
  4. Love your blanket!!! Very neat idea. I love Sudoku. Great job!!!
  5. That is beautiful!!! As is all of the work before it.
  6. Magnificent 'ghan!!! Inspirational even. I want one of those!!! LOL
  7. Absolutely stunning!!! That has to be my favorite afghan. I purchased that book just for that afghan. I've had a bit of trouble with finding green yarn because it was discontinued. After I got over that by finding a pretty good substitute, I started having problems with the pattern. My mother started making the squares for me and she had problems as well. She's finished one & started on another. She said she would make it big enough to fit my queen size bed. I suppose only time will tell. I love your afghan. You did a FABULOUS job!!!
  8. There's a cute worsted weight yarn version of a very cute thread bear I recently made waiting for you to take a look on my blog. Just one click in my signature and you'll be there. Thanks for looking.
  9. Beautiful tree skirt!!! I've been looking for one that would look good with mine. I think it's the red, white & green one in that booklet "Trim the Tree" over @ Annie's Attic. It's simple and has all the colors. You did a really great job on yours.
  10. OMGOSH!!! Amazing!!! That IS a lot of yarn. Congratulations on finishing TWO of those, wow. I haven't even finished my first one. It's hiding in the closet. haha
  11. Your baby angels are lovely. What a beautiful idea. I would write down each of the patterns separately so everyone could see the differences and choose what they would like. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Awesome!!! Love the colors & the pattern. You did a really great job. I haven't had the chance to work with the noro yarn yet. I'll get there though. Happy Hookin'!!!
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