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  1. Thanks, MaryJo. We now live about 25 miles south of where we were. It's a great little town, we love being by the water and we have a really pretty waterfront with lots of beautiful piers for sitting on and fishing from. Dolphins play in the bay all the time, it's amazing to sit and watch them! We switched churches because it's too far to go all the way back to Bay City every Sunday, especially since we don't have a car right now, but we have a wonderful new preacher and he refers to our town as "Jimmy Buffet's back yard." Our apartment is 10 blocks from the bay, and they are small suburban-y blocks. We can walk to the bay in 15 minutes. It's SO nice on a warm evening to take a stroll down to the bay after dinner and sit on the pier and watch them fish while I crochet. A perfect way to relax! We had been at the hotel for 12 years, and while it really was sad to leave, after our home was invaded there was really nothing of the "old" place left as far as we were concerned, it was just no longer safe there. We would have ended up moving anyway because the hotel had been sold and the new owner was slowly but surely releasing all of the old employees and bringing his own people in, but this just hastened our departure along a little bit. Of all the totes for me to have had my tablet sitting in, though, I have to have 6 or 8 of them, but it couldn't have been one of my cheapie WalMart totes, NOOOOOOO, it just HAD to be my Crochetville tote that they grabbed. May they burn for all eternity for that. I cry every time I think of it.
  2. It will be easier to replace the tablet than the tote. The tote was a gift to me from MaryJo (Tampa Doll), it was one of the monthly Crochetville totes that she makes and gives away each month. I will certainly miss it. It held a TON of yarn and was great for all kinds of projects.
  3. Those are adorably hilarious! I love them! I miss my tote terribly! My hubby and I were the victims of a home invasion in January and they not only pistol-whipped my poor hubby and pushed me down onto the floor and part way up under the couch, they grabbed everything electronic they could get their hands on and my brand new tablet was sitting on the couch, I had it sticking out of my Crochetville tote and they TOOK THE WHOLE TOTE!! Of course I am more thankful that my hubby is OK, but I loved my tote so much, and I had just gotten the tablet from my hubby for Christmas last year and less than a month after I got it, it was stolen from me. We figured that was the last straw, we moved from the apartment we had lived in for the last 12 years to a small town about 25 miles south of us. We like it here and we are right on the bay, so it's nice to be able to sit and watch the dolphins play, but every time I think of what they took from me I could cry. Of ALL the things, my brand new tablet and my Crochetville tote!! There's a special place in you-know-where for those people.
  4. As I was reading this all I could think about was the old Rate-A-Record on American Bandstand where the people would go "it's a great tune! It has a good beat and I can dance to it!" LOL!
  5. I LOVE this! It's just so beautiful with all the colors and I love the way the stripes change direction! I am definitely putting this one on my to-do list! You did a spectacular job on it!
  6. The colors that this yarn comes in are just GORGEOUS, but there's no way I could ever afford $7+ for 108 yards!! Wow! Talk about pricey!
  7. I know! I agree! LOL! I believe one is her personal phone, one is the phone her employer gave her to use for work, and the third is simply for playing the game Candy Crush because she can't get the app to run on either one of her other phones. Can we say obsessed? LOL!
  8. OMGoodness, MaryJo, those are precious! You can't HELP but smile when you look at them!
  9. Elle

    Fingerless gloves

    Thank you! I'd really like to find the pattern again because I'd like to make more of them! LOL! I know it was online somewhere, probably on Crochet Pattern Central somewhere. I will recognize it when I see it. I hope. LOL!
  10. I started these so long ago that I don't even remember where I got the pattern from, but I found them about a week ago and all that I had to do to complete them was to put on the cuff. The hand part was already finished on both of them, and since I couldn't remember where the pattern was from, I decided to just wing it and add a cuff that I made up as I went along. These are made from Vanna's choice and are being modeled by my very dear hubby and our cat, TomTom. They make WONDERFUL cat massage gloves! Just ask TomTom! He'll tell you!
  11. You would have to make it out of cotton, and unless you used a very light, #10 cotton thread, the blanket would be so heavy it would be very ungainly to work with. Also, I think the weight of the blanket would probably pull it out of shape because worsted weight cotton is VERY heavy when it is crocheted into a cloth. I made a hoodie for myself out of worsted weight cotton and the thing weighs a TON! It's very cozy, even when it's pretty cold out, but as far as the amount you would need to make a horse blanket, it would REALLY be heavy to work with. I would stick with the #10 cotton thread and make a fly sheet or a lightweight sheet to go UNDER a heavy rug for traveling. Otherwise I don't think the project would turn out too well just based on how much the thing is going to end up weighing. And if it ever gets wet, fuggeddaboudit! Your horse's knees are going to be shaking trying to hold the thing up! LOL!
  12. Elle

    Colorfull blanket

    BEAUTIFUL!!! Such a great job for a first blanket! Congratulations! You're off to a wonderful start!
  13. OMGoodness, that's GORGEOUS!!!
  14. Right now I am making another PowWow Shawl, maybe for myself, maybe for someone else, I don't know. I have to see how much I love the colors when it's all done and beaded. I am also working on a 3-section phone bag for my friend's daughter, who wants one bag to carry all THREE of her cell phones with her at once. She supplied the yarn for it, she got it at a dollar store somewhere up in Houston. It looks like nice yarn, I've never seen it before, it's not a name brand, but I like the colorway, it's a greys to white variegated. Kind of reminds me of a black and white photograph. So those are the two things I am actually working on. Of course, there are countless other WIPS sitting around in various stages of un-done-ness, but those are a story for another day.
  15. OMGoodness, that's just AMAZING! I love it! I wonder how long it took to crochet it, and what they used as a base to lay the crochet over to coat it with the epoxy resin to harden it? I would just LOVE to have something like that!
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