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  1. There are no words that are adequate to even begin to thank MaryJo for replacing my stolen tote! Thank you as well for sending along an "N" hook! I feel whole again! LOL! I got home from work on Saturday afternoon and was sitting at the table having coffee with my hubby when there was a HUGE knock on the door! We both jumped out of our skin and I looked at him like "you're not wanted by the FBI or anything that you haven't told me about in the last 20 years, are you?" and he just shot me one of "those" looks and got up to see who was trying to batter down our door. It was our new mail lady with a box in her hands. She poked it through the door at DH and turned and ran for her truck. She's always in an awful hurry, this mail person, otherwise I would have tossed the package into a sink filled with water just based on how hastily she unloaded it and ran. LOL I knew that I hadn't ordered anything, and then I looked at the return address and saw MaryJo's name. I just knew what she had done and I immediately started to cry as I was opening it. DH said "I just don't understand you women, you cry at the drop of a souffle! This is a happy thing, isn't it?" and I said to him "you know very well that people don't just cry when they are sad, they also cry when they are very happy" and he pointed out that he has only seen me cry happy tears about three times in all the years we have known each other, so this must be very special, indeed! When I saw that not only had MaryJo replaced my beloved tote, she made an exact replica of it, I was even more emotional since my original tote was a December tote and, as such, it was red, green and white, the traditional Christmas colors. Having no family except for my hubby (and one cousin that I have not seen in 14 years), Christmas gifts are something of a rarity, so that was another reason that tote was so special to me. I am absolutely ecstatic to have my tote again! MaryJo, I love you to the moon and back, I cannot believe you went to such trouble for me! God Bless You! And a million thanks! Make that a million and one!
  2. It's gorgeous! The pastels are perfect for Spring! I always enjoy reading your stories from your childhood because we grew up in the same era and it sounds so much like my own childhood. It takes me right back to those days. Another beautiful bag. You never disappoint!
  3. When we moved I was not able to take probably 2/3 of my stash with me, so my wish list contains basically this: Any yarn that you might not want any more, especially RHSS and any cottons. A size N aluminum hook. Mine was in my Crochetville tote when it was stolen and I miss it and my tote terribly! My Ravelry I.D. is Elle.
  4. Thanks, MaryJo. We now live about 25 miles south of where we were. It's a great little town, we love being by the water and we have a really pretty waterfront with lots of beautiful piers for sitting on and fishing from. Dolphins play in the bay all the time, it's amazing to sit and watch them! We switched churches because it's too far to go all the way back to Bay City every Sunday, especially since we don't have a car right now, but we have a wonderful new preacher and he refers to our town as "Jimmy Buffet's back yard." Our apartment is 10 blocks from the bay, and they are small suburban-y blocks. We can walk to the bay in 15 minutes. It's SO nice on a warm evening to take a stroll down to the bay after dinner and sit on the pier and watch them fish while I crochet. A perfect way to relax! We had been at the hotel for 12 years, and while it really was sad to leave, after our home was invaded there was really nothing of the "old" place left as far as we were concerned, it was just no longer safe there. We would have ended up moving anyway because the hotel had been sold and the new owner was slowly but surely releasing all of the old employees and bringing his own people in, but this just hastened our departure along a little bit. Of all the totes for me to have had my tablet sitting in, though, I have to have 6 or 8 of them, but it couldn't have been one of my cheapie WalMart totes, NOOOOOOO, it just HAD to be my Crochetville tote that they grabbed. May they burn for all eternity for that. I cry every time I think of it.
  5. It will be easier to replace the tablet than the tote. The tote was a gift to me from MaryJo (Tampa Doll), it was one of the monthly Crochetville totes that she makes and gives away each month. I will certainly miss it. It held a TON of yarn and was great for all kinds of projects.
  6. Those are adorably hilarious! I love them! I miss my tote terribly! My hubby and I were the victims of a home invasion in January and they not only pistol-whipped my poor hubby and pushed me down onto the floor and part way up under the couch, they grabbed everything electronic they could get their hands on and my brand new tablet was sitting on the couch, I had it sticking out of my Crochetville tote and they TOOK THE WHOLE TOTE!! Of course I am more thankful that my hubby is OK, but I loved my tote so much, and I had just gotten the tablet from my hubby for Christmas last year and less than a month after I got it, it was stolen from me. We figured that was the last straw, we moved from the apartment we had lived in for the last 12 years to a small town about 25 miles south of us. We like it here and we are right on the bay, so it's nice to be able to sit and watch the dolphins play, but every time I think of what they took from me I could cry. Of ALL the things, my brand new tablet and my Crochetville tote!! There's a special place in you-know-where for those people.
  7. I know that I don't have the heather gray but I THINK that I MAY have a skein of the off-white. I will check my stash tomorrow and post back and let you know if I do. We're going to be kind of tied up for New Year's Day tomorrow so if I don't post back it means that I do not have it. Further to that, I am not positive that it's even a whole skein because if it's the one I am thinking of, the label is missing from it, but it IS off-white and it IS Simply Soft, and if there's any missing, it's only a couple of yards. As long as I still have it, it's yours. Again, I'll let you know tomorrow.
  8. I am so relieved it finally made it! I'm glad you like everything! A VERY Merry Christmas to you, too!
  9. Even my HUBBY loved the package! LOL! I was sound asleep this morning and I was awakened by this sound that I had never heard before. I opened my eyes and there was my DH, he had the yarn winder suction-cupped to the nightstand and he was happily turning my yarn into cute little yarn cakes! I looked at him, he had a big grin on his face and he said "this is SO COOL!!!" you REALLY need to thank this girl A LOT for this gadget! It's the coolest thing EVER for yarn!" LOL!!!
  10. Well, my package arrived from Kidge tonight! I was at work when the UPS man came walking through the door at about 6:00 and said "this one is for YOU!" and OMG, OMG, OMG, I am THRILLED TO PIECES with my gifts!! Kidge, you are most definitely the Queen of the Swap! I love absolutely EVERYTHING! I received a Boye Electric Yarn Winder, a beautiful, soft scarf that will be great for accessorizing, THE most adorable pair of gingerbread man and lady tree ornaments, two skeins of Yarn Bee yarn, a copy of Crochet Today, some hot chocolate mix, some Christmas chewy mint candies (my favorites!), a KitKat bar, a Christmas pen, a Christmas journal, and a pad with a holiday design that has a magnet on the back to hang on the fridge! Kidge, you have spoiled me beyond all reason and I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!! I just love EVERYTHING! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!
  11. I mailed my package to Kidge today! I will PM both Kidge and Aunt Bubbels with the tracking number so that they can keep tabs on it as it makes its way to Kidge's house! MERRY CHRISTMAS, KIDGE! I REALLY HOPE THAT YOU LOVE YOUR PACKAGE!
  12. Well, I am juuuust about finished with Kidge's big gift. I have the finishing touches to put on it, which will still take me a whole evening to do, but in the grand scheme of things, that's nothing! I've got my "stocking stuffers" all together and ready to pack into the box and I'll be sending everything out probably either the very end of this week or the beginning of next week, definitely before our mailing deadline. I had a lot of fun putting this package together! I hope Kidge likes everything!
  13. I LOVE this! It's just so beautiful with all the colors and I love the way the stripes change direction! I am definitely putting this one on my to-do list! You did a spectacular job on it!
  14. I know! I've been seeing Christmas commercials since Halloween week but now they are all over the place! Starting to really get some Christmas spirit now! I am off on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so today and tomorrow I am having a ball just relaxing on my bed in a pair of sweats working on Kidge's gift! I wish I could sit and do this EVERY day! LOL! I guess it would get boring eventually, but I'd love to have the chance to find out just how long it would take to get to that point. I am LOVING the project I'm working on! I hope you like it, Kidge!
  15. The colors that this yarn comes in are just GORGEOUS, but there's no way I could ever afford $7+ for 108 yards!! Wow! Talk about pricey!
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