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    shawls and afghans, but I've been getting into smaller projects lately and I'm really liking them!
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  1. Both versions of this outfit are just DARLING!! I LOVE the pink. SO girly! I'd love to have this outfit in MY size!
  2. I will be 53 next month and I've been crocheting since I was 10. It's only the last four or five years, though, that I've been venturing into some of the more complicated stitches and techniques. Until then I was your basic sc, hdc, dc crochetier. Being a member of Crochetville has given me the confidence to try things that would have baffled the living daylights out of me years ago!
  3. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for the pattern! My best friend collects angels, and I was wondering what else to give her for Christmas this year because I always crochet her something, and this year I bought her gift instead. She said just the other day that she couldn't wait to see what I had made her this year, and I felt bad that I bought the gift instead, so now I can make her one of these and she will just LOVE it!
  4. Oh, Sarah, it's beautiful! I'm like you, I prefer the Victorian Christmas colors to the bright green, red and white of the modern Christmas. To me, they are just so rich looking! You did a wonderful job on your tree skirt! I love it!
  5. Darski, those babydoll pajamas are adorable! I'd love a pair of those in MY size! I can just picture them done in Peaches and Creme, they'd be so comfy! Meanwhile, they're just precious on the doll!
  6. It seemed like every afghan that my mom and my aunt crocheted, whether it was for their own homes or someone else's, was harvest gold, avocado green, burnt orange and eggshell. Sometimes, apparently, they would get a wild hair and throw in coffee brown! They would finish whatever they were working on, get together over coffee to ooh and ahh over it, and head to either K-Mart or the local Five and Ten to get more yarn, and they would invariably come home with THE SAME COLORS! Sometimes they made ripples, sometimes they made granny squares, but it was always those same colors! And, like yo
  7. Elle

    Pooh & Friends

    Oh WOW! You did a totally awesome job on those! They turned out SO WELL!!
  8. Crochet is one of those hobbies that is as expensive as you want to make it. There are literally THOUSANDS of patterns available for free on the web, and others that are reasonably priced in thousands of other magazines and books. Unless you have a VERY specific need in a pattern, chances are you will find one for what you are wanting to crochet free of charge online. As far as yarn goes, for the most part, I started out working exclusively with acrylic knitting worsted, and back when I learned how to crochet it was common to find 4oz skeins on sale at Five and Ten type stores for any
  9. As always, Darski, the whole ensemble is just beautiful!
  10. Whatever you do, do NOT wash the stuff that is mostly wool. I tried this with some balls of an 80% wool/20% cotton blend and I ended up with six pink tennis balls because it felted and fused in the washer! The cats were tickled pink because I tossed them on the floor and said "here you go, guys, new kitty toys!" but I lost some very pretty yarn. Sorry I don't have any suggestions for what you CAN do, but I can at least tell you what NOT to do. Kitties. Gotta love 'em. I wish I could figure out WHY they do some of the things they do.
  11. I understand COMPLETELY how you feel! I am totally burned out on yarn for the time being, although I'm raring to go on thread projects. I'm not burned out on crochet in general, just on the projects that were looming over my head right up until Christmas Day. I'm still working on one gift, but it's a filet thread piece, and I'm enjoying every minute of it. The future recipient has told me "don't rush" so that took the pressure off, and I should get that one finished either tonight or tomorrow. Elle
  12. Oh, Darski, he's just ADORABLE!!! I LOVE his SHOES!!!! Elle
  13. I agree! And the names that Darski gives her ensembles are just adorable! Elle
  14. I could be wrong, but I don't think there IS a formula for converting grams to yards, because it depends upon the weight of the yarn. It seems to me that a 50 gram ball of a fingering weight yarn is going to have a lot more yardage than a 50 gram ball of a heavy boucle or rug yarn. I'm sure if I'm incorrect, someone will set me in the right direction. Elle
  15. Oh, I know! If only something GOOD would happen on our birthday one year! Well at least WE are good things that happened on that day! Elle
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