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What's on your hook or needle??


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2 hours ago, Courtney0508 said:

Oh! Post it when you are done! Can't wait to see!

Making the arms and mitts today.  I couldn't use the pattern as written.  Using Starlette yarn not dk.   So having to adjust for that and the mug is sized different than the one she used as well.

About to print a custom ordered card for nephew. 

New to me, I finally visited Avery.com as I have several products I've never used in a drawer I'm going through.  Address labels, biz cards...etc  So now I have a pdf for address and I can print labels as needed.

Anybody else have item(s) on the hook?

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15 minutes ago, NCcountrygal said:

Blocked a doily and snowflake yesterday and did not make much progress on the mug sweater.  One mitt started.  Will give niece the wet blocked snowflake for her mug to sit on.



That snowflake turned out nice.

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Currently working on various small give away project. 

During the covid ending pandemic I stocked up hand sanitizer in small purse size bottles so currently have been working on a home for some of the bottles ...I have been whipping up hand sanitizer cozy bags for co-workers... I plan to just leave them on the crew room table anonymously...

Walker bags for a few of the clients. I come cross on my daily job... I plan to give them out as well as I en counter people that I see in need of one....

 I'm also currently working on cell phone cozy bags with lanyard length to keep them close at hand as well ( I recently encountered a client who fell in her back yard who uses a walker.... And in the process laid there for over an hour. because she lives in a not so nice neighborhood as in the hood.... But also in industrial area around her... And no one heard her crying for help... She was banged up pretty bad bruises everywhere.... And she had forgotten her phone in the house...)


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Mittens! I have been making mittens. Made myself a couple of pairs, now working on more for the homeless shelters in the area. Have to mix it up with thread then yarn, these arthritic hands are getting old fast!


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9 hours ago, Lacycrochet said:

Making a runner for my bookcase.  Need 18 motifs, still need to tie in ends and block .  Going to connect them and edge it with the darker taupe.runnermotifs.thumb.jpg.fb45661b648563fced9075eebe4c6ded.jpg

Wow Tina! They are pretty and go so well with that doily. I look forward to seeing it completed.

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29 minutes ago, Tampa Doll said:

Tina that is going to be absolutely beautiful when it is done

Thanks Mary Jo, I wish I didn't have to pace myself with crocheting because I am getting excited to see this finished.

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