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ZiggyZag Vixen Slouch Hat - MINE

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I've been crocheting for almost 6 years and not once have I made something for myself to keep. So after seeing the finished products from a newer pattern (LINK HERE) I decided to buy the pattern and make my self one. I love the hat, I love the finished product. I went and bought a pom pom maker from Hobby Lobby, because I've always just wrapped the yarn around my hands and done them that way & that takes a while. 


I did black & lime green because over 95% of the time, I have those color on, due to my home business. That's our colors, so it matches my shirts perfectly! (I have one of the shirts on in the picture with me in it...) 


post-46820-0-80079400-1449412158_thumb.jpg             post-46820-0-74154400-1449412211_thumb.jpg

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Turned out great! Now, don't you think you deserve even more of your own crochet?


Haha Thanks :) 

Why Yes, Yes I do! 



Great hat. I love that color green!


RHSS Spring Green!

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