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  1. I think the quickest thing would be to google those terms to find their definitions, rather than for us to define these basic words for you.
  2. You're welcome! Glad you got it worked out, and happy Thanksgiving to you too
  3. Triplets separated at birth with a crochet psychic connection who just happen to be online at the same time more often than not! ;-)
  4. haha That is unusual!
  5. Hi Sharon I don't follow you....Sonia asked about "end of next row and following rs rows 4 times more" and thats what i see in the sleeve on the Caron pattern I linked to. maybe there are wrong side row incs elsewhere in the pattern, i haven't read it word for word. Oh's the confusion i think: "following RS row" means to do the instruction within the following (subsequent) RS row. so in this pattern on the sleeve, you start the increases on a specific row, then also do increases on the subsequent RS rows. Good example of pattern-ese that could be a whole lot more clear! they could have said to make increase on row 9, and then on row 11, 13, 15, ..... Just saying "at end of next row and ON following/subsequent/next rows" would have helped!!
  6. i'm sure it's possible but probably more work than most of us want to take on. you'd need a lot of info including the measurements of the finished item as written, your intended measurements, the stitch and row gauge in the pattern, your personal stitch/row gauge in your chosen yarn; then you could calculate the new number of stitches and rows to make your new size. i imagine the most common approach to this is to just use smaller yarn and hook and keep one's fingers crossed that it works out as hoped Either way, something without much shaping like a baby blanket, or small like socks, would be a good test project, rather than a more complicated thing like a sweater.
  7. i think i may have located the pattern: on Yarnspirations. i see this instruction on the sleeve, after you've made the bottom ribbing. i don't see that it has told you to mark one side of the sleeve as the right side, so kind of odd to then give an instruction for the RS. i would just make the increases on the row it says to, then every second row, until you have the right number of stitches. what it is saying is to do the increases on every "right" side row, and no increases on every "wrong" side row, until you have the right # of stitches.
  8. hi, welcome to the ville! some patterns can be hard to understand, so don't let one confusing pattern get you down! It would help if you will tell us the name and location of the specific pattern. what kind of row have you just made when you come to this instruction---in other words, the just-completed row, was it right or wrong side?
  9. You're welcome Hope it turns out great, do let us know how it goes.
  10. Also did the pattern tell you the stitch counts at various points? And did you count the stitches in the finished hat to be sure your stitch count is correct? Asking because you said you think your stitch count is wrong.
  11. Hi, welcome to the Ville! It's really hard to say what's going on without more info. If you can post a clear photo of a hat you made, and tell us the name and location of the pattern you used, that will help. Also the specific yarn and hook size used.
  12. I would try to use mattress stitch or woven stitch. Scroll down here
  13. Hi all, hope you don't mind me just dropping in to this thread :-) Mary Jo, you have done a really generous and gracious thing for a long time! I can imagine you will miss making the totes. I can't think of any other examples where someone has done a similar thing so consistently and for so long. You put some real artistry into the totes. When I got mine I was truly bowled over by the work in it, especially the pocket. Having seen photos before that, I knew they were beautifully made, but then I got mine and could really see and feel the! I would never be able to do that and get all the color changes so neat and spaced just right. Brenda, you talked about the time and effort it took you to make one tote; it would literally take me forever to make one! So anyway, Mary Jo I just wanted to let you know I appreciate what you've accomplished in making all of the totes
  14. Hiiiiiii Granny Square!
  15. Hi, welcome to the Ville! Since every row is the same, it should be pretty easy to double. What I would do is double it then add about another 15 chains as a cushion in case of miscounting. Then work your first row until it's as wide as you want, and ignore any unused chains. When you're finished you can unpick the chains you didn't need and weave in that yarn tail.