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  1. Is this the pattern? if so, you might find some of the projects have helpful photos or notes.
  2. Hi, welcome to the Ville! To make the leg you stitch into (or over) the beginning chain, just as if you were stitching into any previous row. Pivot the piece around so that the chain is at the top, and begin your next row there. To make the rump, it's basically the same thing. Just take your new yarn and stitch where it says to. I suggest you review the site guidelines in the town hall section. I believe that the image of the diagram shows pretty much the entire pattern, which is too much to post here due to copyright concerns. If the pattern is in a book, tell us the title, and someone may have it to refer to.
  3. One thing I've found when i use variegated yarns that have a lot of color---either a single strong color or a lot of colors mixed together---is that I like them best when the stitch pattern gives the colors "room to breathe". Here are a couple of free patterns that have a lot of open space around the stitches. Melrose would be pretty for combining your colorways or making a smaller scarf using just one. Sandbar seems like it would be adaptable to just about any kind of color(s) and amount of yarn. Pop scarf might be able to be made with one skein, depending on your yarn. Oh, and have you seen the "One Skein Wonders" books? Your local library can probably get them for you.
  4. Here's an example Projects made using that pattern
  5. It would really help to know more about the yarn. There are so many different Variegated yarns , and each is going to work out a little differently. Also, how big is a skein? I've seen patterns that use several colors of a variegated yarn together in one piece, and that can be really pretty. Not sure if I'll be able to locate them now but will link if I can.
  6. Hi, welcome to the Ville! This post was made a few years ago, so she may not still have them, but I'm sure she will let you know if she does. Meanwhile there is lots of other interesting stuff to read about here in the various forums, so have fun :-)
  7. you're welcome :-) btw, i meant to end that post with a ?, not a !
  8. cool diagram! i think you mean the red box at the left!
  9. it came up amazingly quickly on rav by searching bedspreads and the word popcorn ;-D
  10. you're welcome, let us know how it goes!
  11. Here's one If you aren't already signed on Ravelry, you may have to do so in order to see it. I'm pretty sure other versions were published by other companies, but that's the only one i can find right now. Speaking of versions, I believe your great-aunt made up her own version. in the photo it looks like she worked in spirals, rather than in rounds, at least for the first few inches of the motifs.
  12. Hi, welcome to the ville! It's very pretty! I think there are several vintage patterns that are similar, hexagon worked from center out with popcorn stitches. Will try to find a couple and one back and post a link. One hurdle may be finding thread that will match the color. it looks like it has stayed pretty white but finding the exact shade of slightly-off-white may be hard.
  13. thank you for linking, GrannySquare. I don't know why i was unable to link. i also couldn't submit the post, had to close out the window and start over.
  14. If you get a yarn with long color changes, patterns that would look good would be a simple ripple pattern, a giant granny square, or anything with granny-type motifs (squares/hexagons/circles made from the center out then joined). James C brett Marble is a really pretty yarn, heres an example of a blanket made with it Jojoland Rhythm comes in gorgeous colors, blanket example
  15. Yesterday when i first saw this post there was no reply box for some reason, so i sent a pm to Nystock. I believe the Arielle pattern is sold on etsy and Ravelry but for some reason links to it don't work. its the Arielle's square by Deborah OLeary. I suggested a couple of similar ones that are free on Ravelry, Diamonds are Forever and Victorian Lattice; they are also "solid" granny sts with an openwork/eyelet design so could serve as examples . for some reason i can't link to anything apparently