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  1. What brand is the thread? Is it cotton? Is it on a cardboard tube? Usually with cotton thread on a cardboard core, I put it in a big bowl or something like a basket or box, put that on the floor, and just let it roll around in there as I crochet. It usually doesn't kink up much if any.
  2. you're welcome
  3. row 4 will have 2 plain stitches , then an increase, so your increase is actually in the 3rd stitch. row 5 has 3 plain stitches , then an increase in the 4th stitch. My personal feeling is that this way of writing patterns is too much of a shortcut and is confusing, for some of us at least. it would be more clear if they would use a few more words and say "in each of the next two stitches make 1 sc. In the following stitch, make an increase" or something along those lines. I don't know what the pattern does after the parts you quoted, but so far it is following the standard formula for making a flat circle in single crochet, often used for the beginning of a top-down hat or for amigurumi. here's a blog post about making circles with different stitch heights, just for reference
  4. the thing here is, you're working along the edge of the stitches, right? so you sc into the base of the stitch, then around the post from the side. if you tell us the name and location of the pattern, maybe we can say more about it.
  5. If you wanted the ribbing a different depth you'd need a different number of stitches.
  6. Susan Bates inline hooks come in a version with a bamboo handle. You should be able to find them at stores like Joann Fabrics.
  7. It means you can make the ribbing with any number of stitches. it doesn't have to be an even number, or an odd number, or a multiple of any certain number. the ribbing is made in a strip and then to start the body you work into the ends of the ribbing rows.
  8. Do you have measurements of the dog you're making it for? It might not actually be too small.
  9. Can you link to the pattern, or tell us where it is? how big a square do you want to make?
  10. I'd like to recommend some videos that I think are very clear. They are by Kim Guzman for the Crochet Guild of America.
  11. Bates and Boye are two brands that are widely available, and have been in the US for decades. You can also find other brands like Clover, Tulip, Addi; the hook shape of some of these are different than either Bates or Boye. Once you get comfortable crocheting, it's worth it to try a few different types to see what you prefer.
  12. Hi, welcome to the Ville! In addition to all the factors Granny Square listed, one other thought---your hook could have a flaw in it, a rough spot that is catching on the yarn.
  13. Hi, welcome to the Ville! Is this it?
  14. Planet June is a great site for all kinds of ami info. On the tutorial page, there's a section on embellishments, Second one in that section is on securing sts.