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  1. you asked "after that row it says to turn. I don't know whether to turn or not." I don't think you should turn, it seems like that would twist the leaf. you asked "sl st in first st on last row of this leaf, are they talking about row 4 that I just joined with row 6 or row3" I think that must mean to sl st into row 4, to anchor the top of the ditr into the previous leaf. what does the rest of row 5 say? and what does row 6 say? you asked "for Row 7 its says to Dtr in end of row 6 and looking at the picture the Dtrs are not done in the same row they are seperated by at least 2 rows so I definitely think this is an error." yes i think thats wrong too. if row 7 says to dtr into row 6 of previous leaf, then I think on row 4, it should have said to dtr into row 4 of previous leaf, not row 6. hope this makes sense !
  2. at the bottom of this page, it tells how to email them, or call, to get help i would consider doing that, if you haven't already. you know, it's possible there are errors in the afghan pattern, and Annies just hasn't realized it yet because no one has contacted them about it. They are still selling it so they should have active support for it. i can't visualize it at all and i don't have the book---though if its only written, w/o some photos of it in-process, I'd probably still be little help. (my username refers to the fact that I LOVED Magic Crochet magazine with its beautiful stitch diagrams! so much better for me than written patterns) if you sign up on Ravelry and take a look at this doily project, click on the second photo, it is a pretty good closeup and you can fairly well see the number of connected picots at least. maybe that is some help.
  3. Looks good both ways! oh, i looked at the magazine pics you linked, the cover photo does look like it's on floorboards!
  4. i googled the book title + the pattern name and found a review of it with good photos. the review says they were originally doily patterns, so i guess it is the same as this (you may have to sign in on Ravelry to see that, but it's just a photo) if anybody has the book Pineapple Treasures. So are you starting with the center motif?
  5. hi Katie, welcome to the ville! Somebody may have the same book and be able to look it up there. a clear photo of the finished item can help too. and it's OK to type out several lines of a pattern here. have you done a join-as-you-go piece before? it does seem a little odd to not go ahead and join the 2d one to the 1st one, most are made that way.
  6. I think the blog it's on just takes photos and finds a diagram somewhere that looks kinda sorta similar (well similar enough that I for one initially thought they were identical!) and posts both. the blog seems to be full of pirated stuff, scans or whatever pulled form other places online.
  7. hmmm I thought they did.... Oh! it's just a v stitch, not a 2dc-ch-2dc shell---is that what you are seeing, Sarisue?
  8. i'm glad we could help! we do love talk about crochet lol
  9. well, first, rather than post the whole pattern here it would be better to link to the blog it's on. posting whole pattern violates the copyright , thus forum guidelines (which can be viewed in the town Hall section of the forums) but are you asking if the stitch diagram is right? if that's your question, my answer is yes it looks about right to me. swatch it, block it, and see how the fabric looks to you...that would be my advice :-)
  10. yes, i see what you mean, Granny Square, that certainly could be the case. thanks
  11. i think you are supposed to go in the middle of the tr group; just add on your new yarn there. after that i am not sure at all. if i were you i would just do my best and go by the photos in the pattern. count how many leaves there are, and just do whatever you need to to get than number and have them spaced evenly around the circumference. then after you get the leaves made, you can go ahead with the outer part of it. but thats just me, and like i probably said already, i hate long wordy written patterns so i usually look for diagrammed patterns or just go by the photos.
  12. hi, welcome to the ville! i think it's just a typo. there is no standard "turn 3" maneuver in crocheting. if this is something that the writer of this specific pattern invented for the pattern, it should be spelled out somewhere in the pattern. it also makes no sense really to say chain 3, turn, and then to say chain 5. what is the name and location of the pattern? Hiya GrannySquare! i'm also confused by the ch3, turn, ch 5. that makes no sense to me, does it to you?
  13. What yarn are you using? What size hook?
  14. you're welcome :-)
  15. hi, welcome to the ville! ok, you made the 3 chains, and they are based in the last stitch in the previous round. make your treble into that stitch, the one the chain arises out of. (and don't be like me, and switch from UK to US terms in the middle of the pattern! )