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  1. Mary Jo, I don't follow football at all but I thought the game in the snow was kinda neat when I saw clips of it on tv. However, i did think "keep that snow there, don't send it here!" because the weathercasters have been telling us for days that we were going to get very cold temps and some forms of frozen precip, and I kept hoping they would be at least a little bit wrong. But of course they were right and it is COLD and snowy...but it ain't cool !
  2. Getting snow here in central Mo, its starting to cover the ground pretty well. I know there's sleet under the snow as well. Glad I don't have to go anywhere today! Brenda, this weather is surely not helping your work! i noticed your comment about auctions...I think it's a shame if we're going to lose the tradition of the in-person auction 😔 Lately I've noticed that tag or estate sales seem to be more popular now, it would be a service that comes in and prices everything then manages the sale itself over a couple of days. Personally I don't like online auctions, bidders wait til the last fraction of a second and jump in and it's really hard to compete with that. Tried to buy a tool set my husband wanted that way and it was very disappointing after going to the warehouse to see the actual items, then waiting til the bidding opened, watching till the last moment of bidding to try to keep up, then not even being able to tell what was happening. Well I hope there will still be some "real" auctions around to help people liquidate stuff when they need to.
  3. magiccrochetfan


    It does look like there are way more stitches on the sides, esp the left, than at the top. are you following a pattern? Which one? Or how did you start this? Til now I thought you were trying to make a square but this looks like you started with a number of chains to make a rectangle, is that right?
  4. magiccrochetfan


    Hi Chloe, welcome to the Ville! Do you mean that all four sides bulge outward? If thats the case, you probably need to increase more at he corners. If you could post a photo of a blanket laid out flat, or at least a good view of a corner, that may help with getting a diagnosis of the problem.
  5. Hi GrannySquare! It adds an extra element of interest to posting---wondering if I am posting at the exact same time as you, or a second before or after! I LOVE your suggestion of holding two strands together and if you do that with 2 colors, you can get some really interesting marled effects, and really control the colors, to do color "fades". Song person, I will try to come back with some pics of colors done this way. Or you could do 3 strands of a light dk maybe.....oh the possibilities! edit to add: here is a quick example of combining colors https://www.yarnspirations.com/ombre-yarn-guide-how-to-create-an-ombre.html scroll down to where it says Two strands and Four strands. they only show a row or 2 of each combination. This shows more rows of each color combo but is knit, not crochet https://www.10rowsaday.com/gradient I should clarify, you don't have to use this technique only to create gradients, you could make the whole item out of the same combination. And to add to what GrannySquare said about creating a heavier weight yarn by combining two strands, here is a cheat sheet for that: 2 fingering---sport or dk 1 fingering + 1 sport/dk----worsted/aran 2 sport/dk----heavy worsted/aran 1 worsted/aran + 1 fingering----heavy worsted/aran 1 worsted/aran + 1 sport/dk-----bulky/chunky 2 worsted/aran----extra bulky/ extra chunky
  6. Hi Songperson---I like your user name 🙂 Welcome to the Ville It will help if you could tell us more---do you want a yarn that is a combination of red and green within one yarn? Or some red yarn and some green yarn? Or red and white, or...? Do you want acrylic for easy care, or a natural fiber? Do you want to order online or shop in person, and in what country are you located (since some companies don't ship to all countries, and brick-and-mortar stores are regional) ?
  7. Do you have 48 stitches around? Does the pattern give a gauge, the number of stitches per inch? Did you match the gauge?
  8. Hi GrannySquare! I might have known we'd both be replying!
  9. Hi, welcome to the Ville! Please post a link to the pattern if it's free online, or if it's in a book etc tell us the pattern name and publication title ( this way we can look at the pattern with you). The easiest part of your question to answer is the last part: = "16 sts" means at the end of this round you will have 16 stitches. So this tells you that you're adding 4 sts in this round. So you need to increase in every third st in order to add four to twelve. I personally hate the style this pattern is written in, it is a kind of shorthand that I think causes confusion. But what it means is to make an increase, that is place two stitches in the next stitch. Then where is says 2 sts that means to make one st in each of the next two sts.
  10. That looks like a different edging to me. Is it supposed to be showing Sweet Dreams edging?
  11. What is the name and location of the pattern? I'm curious about it now 😉
  12. Hi, welcome to the Ville ! My guess is that you are to sl st around (not into) the beginning chain just above where you already did the sl st into the third ch. in other words, sl st around the fourth ch of the beg ch, the top ch. does that make sense in the context of the pattern?
  13. My two cents worth on row 28 instead of dc three together, I think it means to do all the three sts into one st, finishing them off together like a dc3tog. So it would be what's defined here https://www.yarnspirations.com/how-to-stitch-crochet-variations.html as a bobble. Row 27 should be a series of shells. Then in 28 you make a bobble into each dc of the shell, with chs in between the bobbles. That's what I see in the pictures, at any rate.
  14. magiccrochetfan


    Really I think this is the kind of edging where one can fudge the stitch counts a bit and get essentially the same result. Also I agree that individual stitch gauge will likely make a big difference. Not to mention that stitch counts may have to be fudged to make the scallops fit along the blanket edge evenly. Possibly a bigger question is how to work around the corners to get the desired look! For that, I'd recommend reviewing Around the Corner Crochet Borders by E Eckman, it has great info for this kind of decision.
  15. magiccrochetfan


    Oh no, I had to look it up! 😉 Also, I tried with both safari and chrome. But I'm kind of outdated on safari, however everything else is working.
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