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  1. It may just be a typo,where the wording accidentally got repeated in both sentences. At least I also don't see any reason to fasten off there.
  2. You're very welcome 🙂 When working from a pattern book, be sure you have read everything at the front and back of the book, and chapter headings if any. There may be helpful tips, explanations of abbreviations, etc in those sections. Please do ask whatever you need to
  3. 😉 haha I shoulda known I was too slow, GrannySquare! It's nice to see you this morning 😁
  4. Sp is abbreviation for space. A chain space is the space you create whenever you make a chain between other stitches. The part in italics is just a review of what you've done in the row. what is the title of the book, and name of this shawl?
  5. Do let us know how it goes!
  6. Thank you 🙂 I'm okay now.
  7. looks like it should say that in each row you do just one dc2tog, then dc to the end of row. i think, i probably shouldn't try to post as i have a bit of a migraine!
  8. Those wings are impressive!
  9. It sounds like what is called surface crochet, which is a way to embellish the fabric. Does it say to use a separate piece of yarn for the sl sts?
  10. What is the name of the pattern, and where is it located? The pattern really should explain what the stitch is, so be sure you've read everything before the pattern and after it, as well as the entire pattern.
  11. Just time for a quick post, this is the group I was thinking of https://commemorativeairforce.org/ thy have local groups in many states, see the locations page
  12. Ah, I see. that is quite a puzzle! Well, could be that some plane enthusiast groups might have ideas. I know my husband can identify certain cars just from a piece of a tail light..... 😉
  13. If you're trying to find the mfr, maybe approach it thru the aircraft? There are highly organized groups that research and even restore ww2 planes and the like.
  14. The thing is, this site is primarily about crocheting which produces different fabric than knitting. And commercial machine knitting is very different than hand knitting. My local library used to have a book on commercial machine knitting but apparently doesn't any longer and I can't remember the name of it. it had a lot of photos of different fabrics that can be knit on these machines which are completely unlike home knitting machines or hand knitting. I was amazed at some of these materials, I had never seen anything that looked like them. Maybe a college that has textile courses would have some library resources to help you narrow it down more. Or search online for warp knitting, maybe you'll find an image like yours.
  15. those are very interesting! I like the look of the first one especially! but knit mesh and i do not get along at all, I cannot keep correct st count. (makes me appreciate how easy mesh is in crochet 😉 )
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