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Some crocheted artwork

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Sharon Silverman posted on her blog about some art at a museum http://www.sharonsilverman.com/crochet/2014/12/10/yarnboa-delawarensis-has-slithered-into-place/

the giant snake is neat, but I especially love the lace covered bear!  


...and i just saw a post from her on ravelry that the snake iwll be disassembled into blankets which will be donated.  the stuffing is paper and plastic which will be recycled---doubly cool!  

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I am tickled pink, to see that a "yarn Bombing"  for lack of a better word, actually in the end, will be utilized, and donated.!! More often, yarn bombing projects, or displays, are often cute at first, then when taken down, just tossed, or forgotten about in the weather and thrown away, which is what bothers me the most about yarn bombing in the first place, as I personally can Never Justify using, and or wasting that much yarn!! However in this case, Kudos, you worked it out well, it looks terrific, and is bringing lots of folks joy and smiles all around! I commend your effort, your imagination, your tenactiy and determination, and your thoughtful use of the "after math" to charity donations! it's a win win for me!!!!!!!!

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