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    I love to crochet always looking for new patterns
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  1. Hi everyone, Just dropping in to say hello. I just came off of vacation. My sister took me to Orlando,Fla. I had an exciting time. We walked a lot. And non stopped gigging. We stayed in a beautiful place called Bluegreen Fountain Resort. We had 15 people with us. And they were all family. Also we visited the aquarium in Orlando. It was such a good vacation. I could ramble on and on about it. Because this was my first real vacation in a long time with my family. Most of them, anyways. Also, first time I have been to beaches. We went to Clearwater beach, Coco beach. Sorry I haven't got pictures to show you. Because I can't figure out how to get them off my android phone to my computer. Without a USB cord. I don't have one.
  2. Hey

    Do you have the pattern for the owl
  3. Hey everyone. Just dropped in to say hello. I have been very busy. And we got a lot of thunder. Then it poured the rain for over 2 hours. I haven't got caught up with everyone yet. But you all take care. Be praying for you all. Arlene
  4. I just wanted to touch base with you all. I am feeling really good. We have had rain most of this month. Or it's partly cloudy. Can't wait to see some sunshine. It's been up in the 80's here in E Tn. I see some you all are good and some are not. I will pray for you all. Take care you all. Love Arlene
  5. Thanks Everyone. I will do what you all suggested. And I am a member of Pinterest. mash52. I like pinterest. They got good stuff on there. I will check it out about sewing. I'm glad you all told me about quilting. I didn't know how. And didn't know it was so expensive. It is very cold over here again. Air conditioner on one day. Heat on again the next day. Snow. Then its gone. But its running i n the 40's here. And Cloudy. Was hoping to see some sun. Gotta go to Orthopedic tomorrow. Need prayers. Both of my knees bones. are bone to bone. No cartilage under my knee caps. Just gotta wait to see what the DR says tomorrow. I may have to get those Rooster shots. And wear knee braces. Hope they can do something. My knees hurt bad. So please say a prayer for me.
  6. Good Morning Everyone. I have patch and hemmed everything all ready. Even patch a hole in my nieces jeans. Now I don't what to sew. Any suggestions what to start out with. Maybe a quilt top. The only thing about that I have no material.
  7. Sorry to hear that Katy. Prayers coming your way.
  8. Now just to figure out what to sew. I don't know how to sew to good. But I am going to learn. As a I find out something to work on.
  9. I found a zigzag foot online. I found it on ebay for $5.10. Now I got it today. I sure would use it a lot. Thanks everyone for your advice.
  10. Hey, I just wanted to share some exciting news. I got a almost new sewing machine. A friend of mine says she don't use it no more. And didn't have room for. So she gave it to me yesterday. I will be sewing everything. Now I just got to learn how to sew. I will It has all different stitches on it. I have everything that goes with it. Except a zigzag foot. Hopefully I can get one soon. It shouldn't cost to much. Does anybody know if Walmarts has them?
  11. Hey Everyone, We are still having very cold weather.It rained all day yesterday. In the high elevation got some snow. We got just got the rain. It didn't get no higher than 40's something today. Had to go to DR. Forgot to grab my coat. Hope everyone that was sick is felling better. I am doing good. Been going different places with my sister. Went to pigeon forge. And went to Parrot Mountain. If you've never been there. Just gotta go. It was Awesome place. And started an exercise program with my sister, niece. It is fun when you have other to exercise with.
  12. 1. Rhss yarn. No wool. And no browns,orange, blacks. Can be used yarn. 2.Button magnets. 3. Colored pencils. Got them. Thank you FGM. 4. Something made by you. Crochet, plastic canvas, etc. 5. Animal eyes for my stuff animals that I make. 6. A post card from your state would be nice. With a little note from you 7. Different colors of glitter glue. 8. Small different colors of ribbons 9. A book that teaches how to write a 10. A crochet Angel pattern.
  13. Thank you FGM for nice set of colored pencils.
  14. Thank you all who prayed for my Mother. She is better. Mom is going home from Rehab on the 22nd. But she will have to start walking with a walker. Other than that she is doing much better. Thank you all.
  15. Welcome Madre Bug. We are happy to have you with us. Yes, I hate when they write a pattern wrong, too. It is 14 degrees here at 6 AM. It suppose to get up to 30 today. Then back down to 14 tonight. And snow flurries. Here in East TN. Well everyone stay warm.