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  1. I used up another ball (+1) making b'day party decorations. Week ending 4/25/15 WTD +2/YTD +4
  2. I finished off one ball of yarn (+1) working on these decorations for a birthday party.
  3. I finished off one ball (+1) making a Chapstick cozy for a friend and used another ball (+1) in my slowly growing stash-ghan.
  4. I would love to see one of these in person. I'm sure the photos just don't do them justice
  5. So cute!! Love the octopus tentacles!
  6. Those are adorable!!! I love the loopy grass!
  7. Well, I got one pair of the bulky sleep socks done. I picked out the colors for the next 3 pairs I'm making, but the yarn is out of stock right now so I will just have to wait.
  8. I finished off a ball (+1) on Sunday. I remodeled my bedroom and got some craft storage space so I've been sorting and organizing yarn. I found a bunch of wobbly, tangled skeins so I ended up making 14 balls (+14).
  9. She looks very sophisticated
  10. April already? Wow, it snuck up on me! Love those pretty pastel colors.
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