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  1. I am working on the pattern I need a dress right now ow 6: work as for Row 5 but work *sk 1 ch, sc in hdc, ch 6* BUT work in the stitches that were skipped on row 5 and work UNDER the loops from row 5.. note that you are working along Row 4 sleeves for this part. Row 7: hdc in 8, ch1, skip to front, hdc dec, hdc across front to last two stitches, hdc dec, ch1, skip to back stitches and hdc across. Break off light blue. Attach white In row 7 it says skip to front, I don't understand what that means, can someone help me out please?
  2. lannoe

    Arabella pattern

    I have both sleeves finished and ready to stitch the back closed. I am confused about starting the neck and front of the jacket. I don't understand the instructions on that part.
  3. lannoe

    Arabella pattern

    I have the jacket and hat done but I'm having trouble with the jacket. Have the two sleeves done and am stuck at this point. Need help please.
  4. I have crocheted some embellishments to put on a hat, do I sew them on with regular thread? How do I attach them?
  5. lannoe

    What to charge ?

    Thank you ladies, that gives me some idea. Have a great day!
  6. lannoe

    What to charge ?

    A co-worker wants me to crochet a beanie for her grand daughter. I told her to buy the yarn for the project, but I don't have a clue what to charge for making a slouchy beanie. Can you help??
  7. I made a shawl for a lady friend who is in a nursing home and they need their names on everything. How can I tag it with her name on it?
  8. I have a questions, how do we get into the drawing for the tote? Do we answer trivia questions? or what? Can't tell by reading the posts. Feeling a bit embarrassed.
  9. The bag is awesome! I borrowed the DVD from a co-worker, cause everyone talks about it all the time. I plan to watch it this weekend.
  10. I use I Love This Yarn all the time. Wanting to venture out some tho. Trying to figure out what yarn is good for what projects.
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