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    widow, no children. Took an early retirement back in 1999 from the phone company at the age of 47 and never looked back.
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    Leland, NC
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    crocheting, gardening, walking, reading,
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    afghans, ornaments, scarves, hats
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    Since I was a preteen
  1. Hi from North Carolina also. I moved to NC in August of 2015 and am located in Leland. May I ask where you are? ​Welcome to Crochetville. Roe
  2. Actually, I love the pic of her underneath the blanket the best. She is holding onto it for dear life. That just says it all. Roe
  3. Oh definitely, I was away for a few days and didn't take any crocheting with me and it took over a week and a half after I got back (long story) before I could be pick up a crochet hook. Now I am back in my little routine, finally!!! Roe
  4. Thank you, now that you mention it, it could be hers. I also downloaded your 10 point rr, I love doing different types of ripples. [/url]">http:// Ooh, I think I figured it out. Hopefully, it will come up to show the 12 point rr. Why it came up twice is beyond me. Maybe too early in the am?? LOL.
  5. I have done a 12 point round ripple and had no problem with it ruffling. Just can't remember whose pattern I used for it. Tried to post a picture of it but somehow it will not take. Roe
  6. Those are just too cute!! Thank you so much for always sharing your wonderful patterns. You are one talented lady!!!! Roe PS Now I have to check my local thrift store for the 15 inch dolls. Haven't seen them in Goodwill (only the porcelain collectibles).
  7. I see all three also in the post. And I also prefer working with worsted weight. I do use baby/sport yarn but I like worsted better. Thank you for your wonderful patterns. Roe
  8. OMG!! I never knew that, just that she hadn't been posting and that her wonderful patterns were compiled here. Thank you so much for letting us know. Roe
  9. I use to buy I Love this Yarn when it was sold online by Craftsetc (since Hobby Lobby took over, there are no more good sales) for less than $2 a skein. I stocked up on it. There are no Hobby Lobby stores in my area and I will not pay $3.99 a skein. Roe
  10. The prayer shawl ministry that I belong to only has one requirement and that is the size, it needs to be 20-22 inches wide and at least 60 inches long. We can do any pattern stitch we want. I often take afghan patterns that have multiples and adjust the size and hook to make it the required size and go from there. Roe
  11. The majority of my work is done for charitable organizations so I tend to gravitate to easy but pretty patterns, often incorporating different stitches to keep it interesting since they are going to those in need and I like for them to have something special. I do use all different colors, that will appeal to a vast range of people. Due to the nature of my work, I tend to use more acrylic since I do not know if there will be a problem with allergies. When I am adapting a pattern that has multiples I like J or K, depending on if it is for a baby, toddler, teen or adult. I do use spe
  12. I agree, it is more than just one reason. I crochet because since my mom taught me when I was a preteen (and neither one of use ever thought it would become a lifelong passion), it keeps me closer to her since she passed away in Oct. 2012. That is one reason, second is because I love it. I enjoy making gifts and seeing the reaction when they are received. I do a lot for charity organizations and it gives me a sense of warmth to know I am helping those in need at that time in their lives. It is therapy when everything seems to be overwhelming and it is something I can control.
  13. No, with me, it is whenever I finish what I am doing, then I just curl up, flip on the tv or pop in a dvd and crochet away. No set time, but since I am a retired, childless widow, I do have a bit more time. Seems lately, it is more in the afternoon, since I try to keep a little routine and by the time I get home from my walk and get small things done, I am ready to crochet. After I log off, will go back to what I was crocheting before. LI Roe
  14. I usually use a K hook (but I tend to crochet a bit looser) when I do hats. So far I haven't used an L hook on hats (have used it on afghans and pet blankets with either two or three strands). I agree, it could be a matter of tension also. Everyone crochets differently. Hooks are L, M, N, P, Q, S and I am still looking for a reasonable U hook (saw one for $35, a bit pricey for just a plain old hook). LI Roe
  15. I have been working off cones of yarn that someone donated to our volunteer group years ago. Just started using them and sometimes they just do what they want. I believe these were really designed to use in knitting machines (I am strictly crocheting with them) and they are six very thin strands in different shades to each cone. Most look very varigated. I use a strand of either regular worsted or sport yarn and get a fabulous tweedy type look. Most of the time I unwind a few feet, work on that, then unwind more and so on and so on. Will now try the suggestions given. Sometimes they have been
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