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    widow, grandmother of 3
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    Southeast Lower Michigan
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    crochet (of course), reading, cooking(sometimes) ng
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    more than 50 years
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    Round Ripples and shawls, at the moment.
  1. grandmalolly

    On the hooks of a dilemma

    I think Facebook is a great idea! I'm housebound and retired, and spend quite a bit of time on there. I belong to a few crochet groups, and would love to see you there! I think you would do well, and it's easy to get started! Good luck!
  2. grandmalolly

    Help a guy out?

    Have you checked Ravelry for thread crochet patterns? They have a lot that are free, and some paid patterns. Is there any subject matter in particular that you are looking for?
  3. grandmalolly

    Crochet Present

    Those are wonderful gifts..........enjoy them!
  4. grandmalolly

    Some crocheted artwork

    Wow! That's really neat!
  5. grandmalolly

    Re-stashing, opposite of de-stashing... WOW.

    What a great deal!!!!!!!! Enjoy!
  6. grandmalolly

    I Got a Spinning Wheel for Christmas!

    Oh, that's lovely! What a wonderful gift! Enjoy it, and let us see what you spin, please?
  7. grandmalolly

    Help help help! Can't figure out this pattern.

    link doesn't work
  8. grandmalolly

    question about paid patterns

    NO! You can give the item to anyone you please!
  9. grandmalolly

    I Love Lucy

    um........'splain' please?
  10. grandmalolly

    Help Crochetville Win $5,000?

    I voted! Will try to remember to vote each day, too.
  11. grandmalolly

    Baby Moses basket pattern?

    This might give you an idea of how to construct, or where to start... http://mammathatmakes.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/serenity-moses-basket-free-crochet.html
  12. grandmalolly

    Do You Know Who Van Gogh Was?

    I agree.....if that was a trick question, I failed! What prompted this, Amy? Curious, here!
  13. grandmalolly

    Amigurumi-Need help building the bowl

    Can you tell us what you are trying to make, or post a link? Most ami patterns increase for a certain number of rows, which will produce a flat piece, and when you begin to work even the 'bowl' or shaping begins to take place. Does this help?
  14. grandmalolly

    cant find pattern in English

    That's lovely! Where did you find the picture? Was there any info on the site?