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  1. For whatever reason, this brought a smile to my face, and tears to my eyes It reminded me of the crepe paper costumes we had (back in the dinosaur day!) for our Thanksgiving pageants in elementary school........Ahhhh, the memories! Thanks so much for sharing!
  2. I could swear I had a pair of 'baby doll" jammies just like that! (and the brush rollers, too) Ah, the memories!!!!!
  3. Beautiful set, Darlene! I also spent a few minutes exploring the site for the doily....thanks for that link! So much information, and rich history...I'll be going back to read and explore more.
  4. Oh, Darski!!! These are just adorable! I love them...(and I don't think I ever mentioned that my AG is named Grace after my favorite aunt, and my best friend from years ago) Thanks for sharing!!
  5. It's so much fun to play with dolls! She is absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing!
  6. She's so sweet! Another great job, Darski, thanks for sharing!
  7. Oh, she's beautiful, Darski! Thank you so much for sharing your designs and talent.I don't mean to be nosy, (I am, and just can't help myself!) but is there a special little girl in your life that you design these for, or is it a love for dolls, and designing? Whatever the reason, I am so glad that you share them with us! Thank you!
  8. She's adorable! I don't know how you do it. I love all these cute outfits you come up with, but this one is really special. Great job!
  9. Oh, how sweet she looks! What an adorable outfit.....You must have the best dressed dolls on the planet!
  10. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!! Darski, when do you sleep, girl? With all of the beautiful outfits you have made lately, I can picture you, red-eyed, and hook smokin' working to bring yet another gorgeous and fun outfit to life! Thank you so much for sharing your gift, and your talent with us.
  11. yup... so I read for a while, or go look at new yarn, usually works for me!
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