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Midnight Brites Blanket help!


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.orange--pumpkin 44- 20 -randib82 = need 24-5 =19 -19 randib82 - need 0 ** Need no more**

amethyst 44 - 20 Kimgoodie = need 24 yarn_monkey 24 ** Need no more**

pretty-in-pink 46 - 23 sopo = 23 need pineknott 23 need 0** Need no more**

bright yellow 41- 32 owlvamp, yarn_monkey 9 = **Need no more**

Paddy green 40- 25 -katyallen8090 + - 15 pineknott = needing 0 **Need no more**

Blue 40 -13- owlvamp = need 27 -4= Need 23 greyhoundgrandma 23 ** Need no more**


I received the last of the blue blocks in the mail. Thank you greyhoundgrandma..... Now my work is cut out for me.

Thank you all for helping in all different ways for this to come together...:) I am so grateful for all of you..

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I am working this weekend most likely wont get much done for the grandboys are lets say being boys and daughter is going to a concert tonight so I will have littleman too!

Daughters birthday is on Monday but we are celebrating it tomorrow. So planning that. She turns 22. She goes back to college tomorrow night.

So I am busy and trying to find time to crochet the black border around the squares..

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I finished 60 on Saturday.. I am plugging along. Wasn't feeling the grandest so I just sat and took breaks but continued on crocheting the black around the squares. I ran out of black and hubby went to Walmart for me and bought me four skeins. So I am back in buisness...but it's getting there.

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