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    I'm a 26-year-old crocheter/student
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    Richmond, VA
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    Crocheting, making jewelry, and being generally crafty
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    Accessories- bags, pins, scarves- and stuffed critters
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    I first learned in about 1993, put it down for a long time and it's been an obsession since 2004
  1. Hi all! Sorry I didn't get checked in last weekend. We were way out of town in the boonies and I didn't have any data or WiFi. I only had 0 anyway. This week I used 2 skeins on my mile a minute so... (I'll update my signature when I can get my tablet hooked up to the WiFi here) WTD +4
  2. Tablet again so I apologize for the lack of good colors! GOLD MEDAL... TIE! MalisaMeesa & SamT87 +13 SILVER MEDAL... TIE! Owlvamp & yarn_monkey +8 BRONZE MEDAL... Inkked0317 +7 Using up that yarn... ShanaEirin +6 Holding steady... Greyhoundgrandma 0 HowieAnn 0 PBLKNP 0 Yarnscrapper 0 And nobody in the negatives this week! I'll update later this afternoon for anyone I missed.... don't worry if you haven't posted yet because I know I'm way early!
  3. Working on scores now... I know it's early but I'm going out of town for a birthday lunch so if I miss anybody, I'll add you in later! Finished more skeins on the mile a minute so... WTD +8
  4. Glad I could help! Lol! I've got lunch plans on Sunday, so I'll probably be posting early... around 10:30 or 11. So far I've used up 2 of the skeins (+4) I bought last week on my Mile-A-Minute afghan. I refuse to shoot the moon for a 3rd week in a row! Lol!
  5. Okay, sorry I don't have all the good colors today! GOLD MEDAL - Inkked0317 +155 SILVER MEDAL - HowieAnn +6 BRONZE MEDAL - yarnlover1987 +4 USING UP THAT YARN... addicted2patterns +2 SamT87 +2 ShanaEirin +2 HOLDING STEADY... PBLKNP 0 yarnscrapper 0 ADDING TO THE STASH... owlvamp -2 MalisaMeesa -10 greyhoundgrandma -12 SHOOTING THE MOON... me again! Yarn_monkey -18 I'll post scores again next week!
  6. Working on scores now! I used up a skein on a braided cowl, then went to michaels and bought 11 skeins for a retirement present afghan... I've used up one of those so far. WTD -18
  7. Okay I still haven't gotten out the laptop to edit my signature and I can't use fancy colors or change font size on my phone, but here's my score anyway! WTD -248 YTD -137
  8. Inkked0317, I went to the sale on Wednesday so I'm about to give you a run for your money on shooting the moon! I'm mobile for now so I'll update my signature hopefully tomorrow. Okay let's see... up to today... I used up 2 balls and 2 skeins making squares for Warm Up America and the tent sale (+6) and 3 skeins of Peaches & Creme working on a tote bag that's not quite finished (+6). Then I went to the tent sale... I pulled it all out today and took inventory and I bought 130 skeins (-260), including the free yarn for donating squares. I know I went overboard but I couldn't h
  9. Hi all! Sorry I haven't checked in the last 2 Saturdays. We've been on vacation and I totally forgot! I haven't finished anything off anyway so no changes. I'll be back this weekend though with a big fat negative from the Yarnspirations tent sale!
  10. I forgot to post before we went out yesterday evening... I know scores have already been posted, should I just add to next week?
  11. So much yarn happening and so little progress either direction! Had to buy 1 skein each of 3 different colors to finish my Moogly ghan (-6), finished off one of them (+2) and then 2 other skeins on chemo caps (+4). Also. If you have them around you, those little skeins of Premier Yarns Ever Soft are the perfect size for chemo hats! WTD 0
  12. On the tablet and in a hurry so nothing fancy this week... sorry ladies! GOLD MEDAL WINNER ShanaEirin +68 SILVER MEDAL WINNER owlvamp +22 BRONZE MEDAL WINNER lhasaapsolady +14 USING UP THAT YARN... SamT87 +7 Bailey4 +7 MalisaMeesa +4 yarn_monkey +2 HOLDING STEADY... PBLKNP HowieAnn MAYBE BUYING MORE THAN USING... Ellie13 -1 yarnscrapper -7 SHOOTING THE MOON... greyhoundgrandma -82 If anybody else posts later, I'll adjust when we get home! =)
  13. So this joining method I was using on my Moogly ghan really obliterated the yarn... which also meant it had to be replenished. All those numbers written on my notepad didn't get me very far! Lol At least until tomorrow, I won't need to replace anything. WTD +2 I'm going to be posting scores before lunch tomorrow because DH and I are meeting with our realtor to look at a few houses right after lunch. If I miss anybody or post too early, I'll be glad to adjust things tomorrow evening. Happy Saturday!
  14. Good grief. Needed more yarn to finish the Moogly ghan so I bought 2 more and I've finished off one of them. -2 so far and hopefully I'll make that back up by Saturday. We'll see!
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