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  1. Its amazing my birthday doesn't end this year yet? lol Thanks Yarnscrapper & Yarn_monkey for the beautiful cards and more squares I will post a pic of everything I received as soon as Im home again. Been between both my home & aunt's whose cancer came back, for those of you that remember. She is refusing chemo this time. Its so emotional sitting back waiting for her to .......... Thanks so much or all the cards & squares it has really helped & everyone has bought a smile to my face. I can't wait to get home and add them to my purple blanket of love. Beautiful scarves Katy, the one in the middle is obviously a Cleveland Browns Scarf lol Go Cleveland...
  2. Thanks so much for the beautiful squares and cards Sopo & Pineknott.
  3. Thank you Brenda (bgs) for the cutiest card & squares ever. You guys really know how to make a birthday girl feel good
  4. Happy Birthday month to me YAY Thanks Katie and Cshort......beautiful squares & cards I am still working these jobs for about 2 more months....My last day will be July 26th. I can't wait to crochet again. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and mail runs ladies
  5. Thanks all I missed all of you too, but with working 2 jobs, and raising a teenager. By the time I sit down im sleep
  6. Look who finally has some time to put her friendship blankie together. Hopefully you recognize some of your squares. I also hope everyone is doing great!
  7. January birthday people...sorry I will be a little late on your gifting. I promise I will get all caught up in February. Life got me way behind Have a great day !!! and Happy Birthday to you
  8. Thanks AngelRoseLite, my secret santa!! I will post a pic as soon as my internet behaves I love my squares, my new needle, my dishcloth, and my joann's gift card
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