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Around the Neck Cell Phone Holder


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I had a request from the local hospice that I crochet things for on a regular basis...They are needing around the neck cell phone holders for their clients as request from one of the facility staff. So they asked me to whip a few up. Here is 2 I already made w/ close up shots .


This is going to be a great project for me small (perfect for on the go work) yet will use up my small ball stash (I have over 6 boxes of small balls) I also created this bag w/ a Key hold concept so when they lean over the phone will not fall out (as the bag is wide/tall to fit different types/styles of phones (on size fits all)





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Avon lady give me a day or so and I will create ya a pattern,I need access to my dd pc....using a tablet is hard to write patterns

Thanks!  I'll be patient!!

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I have the pattern done however your message box here on crochet ville will not except more incoming messages...I was requesting u to give me your email address so I can attach the PDF that is the patter but also see if you want to be my pattern tester...Thanks....

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Hi Jayashiangel,

Your around the neck phone holder is very nice and I like it. Is the pattern still available

and if it is could I please have it. My email is Javvgar@comast.net

Thank you,


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Jayashiangel, If the pattern is available for your neck phone holder, could you please send me a copy, also?  I asked in 2014, but apparently you couldn't send it to me!  If you could put it on here, I could get it.  Or send it to my email: froggerscrochetclub@yahoo.com  Thanks!!;)

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Hi Everyone I guess I missed sharing some how but let me try again :O) here is the pattern


Keyhole Cell Phone Cover Created by Jayashiangel April, 2014

This pattern was at a request for Hospice of the Valley in Peoria, Arizona. I created this pattern to accommodate various cell phone types and to be worn around the neck.

Items needed

Yarn: Your choice. I use scrap acrylic (less then 3oz) 5 safety pins or 5 stitch markers


  • H hook for foundation chain

  • E hook for tighter stitches single crochet rounds

Stiches: Single crochet Slip Stitch Chain stitch

Row 1: H-Hook Chain 12 stitches

Row 2: Single crochet in second chain from hook, 1 single crochet in each stitch across, 3 single crochet in last stitch NOT turn your work You will be working in the round

Row 3: Switch hooks to the smaller E Hook (working around the corner and into the bottom side of the starting chain row) Put 3 single crochet in first stitch, 1 single crochet in each stitch across, 2 single crochet in last stitch.

Row 4- or more: 1 single crochet in each stitch around. Until desired height/length (mine measures 3-3.5 wide by 5 inches tall) Stop crocheting on the side (end)

Note: This case will stretch over time w/ use so you want it to start out smaller (short in length) Remember you are going to be doing the Strap & keyhole rows as well (2 more rows)


Keyhole & Neck Strap Row: Lay project flat so you can find center now place stitch marker in center to keep aligned while you place the other 4. Count out from the middle in each direction (right/left) 2 stitches place a marker in stitches. Now on the opposite side from the stitch marker place the other two markers in the 4 stitches out in each direction (picture below is not exact just a rough visual)

0000000M0000000 (M is the middle stitch marker)

00000X0M0X00000 (X is the spot for the first 2 stitch markers)

000X000M000X000 (Opposite side row will look like this)


Neck strap first Still using your smaller hook you will crochet using the chain stitch to the first stitch marker in the hole where the stitch marker is you will put 2 stitches (this is because this area will get tugged at a lot) and then chaining 130-150 or as long as desired to create the neck strap. Making sure not to twist your chain attach to the next stitch marker (on the same side) using a single crochet in the hole 2 times then back to a single crochet. (You can remove stitch markers as you fill the holes)

Working around until you get to the other side for the next 2 stitch markers these will be the place you will create the key hole effect in the hole of the stitch marker do 2 single crochet Chain 7 keep from twisting then into the last stitch marker 2 single crochet again… Single crochet 1 more row when you reach the neck strap single crochet in to each stitch and keep working up the chain and then down back to the bag and continue around and repeat up the keyhole chain doing single crochet this will make it look clean... when your get close to the neck strap again you will want to slip stitch into the base of where it connects to hide the last few stitches blending it in. Then fasten off and weave in the loose ends.




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