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    I'm from NW IN. I like to crochet, cook for my family. We watch tv movies, shows and the news on tv. I like to go shopping when its possible.
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    I like to crochet.watch tv,cook.
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    Dishcloths,potholders,tp covers,scarves.
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    long time

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  1. Hi ladies, Thank you for you trying to help me, its much appreciated. I was searching so much I finally found the pattern for free. http://wwwfreepatterns.com/crochet/seasonal/winter/patchworkheart
  2. Hi everyone, Me again, asking if someone remembers a potholder or pillow crochet pattern that I'm looking for. It has 3 squares in the front with a flower in the middle of each square. Forming a heart shape. Colors of squares are lavender and pink, flowers white, I do remember the project had a ruffle all around it. Sorry I don't have a picture of the project. Please if any one remembers or might lead me in the right direction I'd appreciate it very much. Thank you, Y.Marie
  3. Merry Christmas to all, Hi Mary Jo, You decorate so beautiful, I like everything you put out. Have a nice holiday and Happy New Year- 2022.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your family and goodies.
  5. Hi ladies, The doily pattern was found, thank you all for your help. It is in a Crochet Fantasy issue 143, year 2000. Y.Marie
  6. Hi Villager, That is a good idea, I'll try to do that. Thank you, Y.Marie
  7. Hi Villager, Thank you, too bad it was sold. I'm actually looking for the pattern. Y.Marie
  8. Hi Granny Square, Thank you for your help, I saved the links and will try looking at the Leisure book of doilies. Y.Marie
  9. Hello, I'm looking for this doily and the name. Any help will be appreciated. Sorry about the Halloween decorations. Thank you, Y.Marie
  10. Hi, Everyone that helped me, I found the pattern here on Crochetville. It is under the show and tell section. How to make coffee cozies. Thank you so much
  11. Hi, I'm looking for crochet sweater cup covers or cozies. I saw a picture here on the Crochetville. I'll try to post it. Someone mentioned it might be serendipitycrafter but I've searched and can't find anything? Any help will be appreciated. Thank you
  12. Hi Granny Square, Thank you for all your help. The paid one looks the most of what I'm looking for. Maybe try one of the crocodile trees and change the loop part?
  13. Hi, I'm looking for a crochet Christmas tree pattern if anyone knows where I might find it please let me know. Thank you
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