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    I'm from NW IN. I like to crochet, cook for my family. We watch tv movies, shows and the news on tv. I like to go shopping when its possible.
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    I like to crochet.watch tv,cook.
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    Dishcloths,potholders,tp covers,scarves.
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    long time

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  1. Beautiful Cinderella doll dress Mary Jo. I like all kinds of dolls.
  2. Hi alacajun, Thank you for your help. YMarie
  3. Hi Tampa Doll, Thank you very much for both of the links to the scrubby dishcloths. It's much appreciated. YMarie
  4. Hi Tampa Doll, Thank you for your help I just wanted to let you know that I just found here a scrubby dishcloth in the round from Crafty Gardener. YMarie
  5. Hi Crafty Gardener, I'm so glad to have found your website. I like all your crochet patterns. Especially the dishcloth scrubby in the round. The one with the nylon scrubby in the middle. I have been looking for one for a long time. On the C2C shawl is there more instructions? Thank you, YMarie
  6. Hi Tampa Doll, Thank you so much. I've seen the sunflower one too. YMarie
  7. Hi Tampa Doll, I like all what you crochet and make. You might remember me I'm the one that asks about patterns. I'm wondering if there is a pattern for the round dishcloth with a nylon scrubby in the middle? Thank you, YMarie
  8. Y.Marie

    floppy friend monkey

    Hello, I know this is a old time forum but does any one know where Kristies floppy friend pattern is? Please let me know I'd appreciate any help. Thank you, Y.Marie
  9. Hi Granny square, Thank you so much for your help on finding monkey crochet patterns. I figured I was 10 years behind the posts that I saw are old ones. The last post you put up is the one that I liked a monkey and other cute patterns a lady has on ravelry. Have a nice evening and thank you, Yolanda Garza
  10. Hello StitchinCindi, I can't seem to find DOOBS Monkey pattern? Could you help me, much appreciated. Thanks, Y.Marie
  11. I like the jar grips and the towel holder and what a nice flower on the towel holder.
  12. Thank you for the links to the shelf liner jar openers.
  13. Hi Donna, Thank you for letting me know about bgs.
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