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    I'm from NW IN. I like to crochet, cook for my family. We watch tv movies, shows and the news on tv. I like to go shopping when its possible.
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    I like to crochet.watch tv,cook.
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    Dishcloths,potholders,tp covers,scarves.
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    long time

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  1. I like the jar grips and the towel holder and what a nice flower on the towel holder.
  2. Thank you for the links to the shelf liner jar openers.
  3. Hi Donna, Thank you for letting me know about bgs.
  4. Hi Mary Jo. Thank you so much. I'll try that. Dumb here what is or who is bgs?
  5. Hi Mary Jo, I love your basket and everything in it. Please could you tell me how or where there might be patterns for the jar openers? Thank you, Y.Marie
  6. Hi Yew Nguyen, I can't excess any of the Amigurumi patterns? Y Marie
  7. Hi Jayashiangel, Thank you for posting your pattern for the Keyhole cell phone holder. I will try making it. YMarie
  8. Hi Jayashiangel, Your around the neck phone holder is very nice and I like it. Is the pattern still available and if it is could I please have it. My email is Javvgar@comast.net Thank you, YMarie
  9. Hi crochet_queen_03, Thank you so much, I received the message. Y.Marie
  10. Hi Avon Lady, I have been searching here to and I left her a message here at Crochetville. I'll see if I can email her. Thank you so much, Y.Marie
  11. Hi ReniC, Thank you for your response, much appreciated. Y.Marie
  12. Hi everyone, Y.Marie here. I know that I have not posted much but remembered there is a lady. Crochet_queen_03 that had a cute teddy bear pattern. I found a EDITED pattern but don't know if it is all there? I'm also looking for pictures of the teddy bear. If anyone can help me I'd appreciated very much, thank you Y.Marie
  13. I like the hats, puts a grin on my face. Good job
  14. Very pretty, I like black so much I might make one. YMarie
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