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Giraffe Hat


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I made this hat for my cousin for Christmas. We don't normally exchange gifts, but she just moved to Germany in August and her husband stayed back here in the US, plus it's her birthday on Christmas day. I could sense that she was feeling a bit lonely and I know that she loves giraffes so I set out to make her a few giraffe items. This is one and she LOVES it! :cheer She's a school teacher and she said that she had been so jealous of all the kids animal hats, but now she has her own! :lol It just so happened that she did come home for Christmas (her mom/my godmother is pretty sick), so I got to see it on her and it is super cute! Did I tell you she turned 60 yrs old on Christmas day! Yup, some of us never grow up! :rofl Oh, she loved all her other giraffe stuff too!


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