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  1. Thank you. I posted them on my fb page as I often showed my current projects and have several people asking about buying them. I may be doing these for awhile.
  2. I just came across a video on finger crochet. I have a bunch of infinity scarves since Tuesday.
  3. MissyAnn


    It's a single crochet and 3 double crochets in same stitch.
  4. MissyAnn


    There are all made with Red Heart Super Saver.
  5. MissyAnn

    Another hat

    Here is a hat that I made for my daughter and I to go with our matching dance jackets. I don't dance, I just got a jacket because I liked it, lol!
  6. MissyAnn


    My Girl Scout troop collected hats, scarves, gloves for our United Way's LIVE WARM project last month. Here is some of my contributions.
  7. She is so adorable. Changing it to a rag doll was a great idea.
  8. Here is my latest outfit. I have 7 dolls out on display and 2 of them still needed to get a new fall/winter outfit.. They were still in their spring/summer outfits on. I am working on the last outfit. I have 3 more dolls that are still waiting to be dressed. But my yarn stash is getting quite low. The hat is actually the part for the skirt, but it was too big, so I ended it earlier and stuck in on her head. It fit! I start off with a pattern then I always go off track and change it up.
  9. Beautiful! You did a fantastic job. I also love ponchos!
  10. I love them! Great job.
  11. We just got back from the fair, and this took 2nd place! I was a llittle disappointed that my pink varigated owl tote didn't get any ribbons.
  12. Here she is trying it on.
  13. MissyAnn


    I just finished this little clutch. I don't like to carry big bulky purses. I only need something to hold my cell phone, keys and a few bucks. LOL!
  14. I think the pattern said it was a sunflower.
  15. I love sleeping with an eye mask. I had a store bought one but I made one before. I just made this one becaue my other one is getting a bit worn. The crochet ones are much more comfy.
  16. Here is a shawl I made recently. It fits my 10 yr old nicely.
  17. Here is the lastest dishcloth I made.
  18. MissyAnn

    Cat toys

    A friend of mine makes these and I think they are so cute (and I'm not even a cat person). I've been making these a lot and will donate to our local humane society. My 10 yr old has also been making some. Hers is the orange/white ones.
  19. I love that set! Great job.
  20. I go in spells. I may go a few weeks without crocheting depending on how busy I am. Other times, it's all I do. Right now, I've been pretty busy crocheting things for our local fair. I made a shawl, dishcloth, doll outfit, child's minnion hat, sleep eye mask. and an owl tote. I just finished with my last project today. Next, i will go back to making some cat mats and cat toys for our local humanse society. I might take a break then before I start making hats for our hat tree at my church duing the holiday season. Hats, scarves and gloves/mittens get placed on the tree to be donated to local families. I prefer doing quick projects. I have done bigger projects in the past, but then I lose interest. I do make lapghans for our local nursing home out of left yarn. That's probably the biggest project I have been working on.
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