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    Christian, stay at home wife & mother. I'm a graphite & colored pencil artist. I'm very new to crochet...learned watching youtube videos. I also crochet left-handed.
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    art, music, reading, writing
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    so far, I'm doing dishcloths.
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    not very long
  1. Yes, the S hook and pretty much all the ones on this page... http://cache.lionbrand.com/6030/InventoryPage/1419778/1.html I wonder if they are just showing the top half.
  2. I was looking on the Lion Brand Yarn website and noticed that their hooks look short... Are they really short like that, or are the pictures edited for space? If they are really that short, why?
  3. Well, I read this pattern's comments on Ravelry, and I am not the only one that has faced this exact problem! Some others have made suggestions to help. I'm going to try those suggestions out and if it does not help, I'm frogging the whole thing. I don't have time to decipher poorly written patterns.
  4. I've completed a headband that was cable stitch, so I understand how the cable stitch works, skipping stitches, then 2 fpdc and go back to skipped stitches and fpdc. I'll admit, I really enjoyed doing this. So, now I found an owl mitt pattern on Ravelry, that has the cable stitches. But I'm stumped. I'm hoping someone, here, will help me decipher it. Here is the link: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/owl-mitts-2 I think that they are so cute and I'm excited to wear them! My problem is on Rnd. 3 at the Owl Cross. I'm going to copy/paste Rnd. 2 and 3 and explain where my problem is..."R2: ch 2, 15 dc, 2 fpdc, 8 dc, 2 fpdc, 2 dc, sl to join. (30) R3: ch 2, 15 dc, OWL CROSS, 2 dc, sl to join. (30)" Here is a c/p of the Owl Cross: "OWL CROSS: skip 4 stitches, 2 fptr, ch 2, reach in front of the trebles and fptr in each of the 2 fpdcs you skipped, skip 4 stitches, 2 fptr (into the far pair of fpdc's), ch 2, reach behind the trebles and fptr in each of the 2 fpdcs you skipped, skip past the rest of the cabling," My problem is this: After I ch 2 and do the 15 DC...I do the first half of the Owl Cross. I found it confusing because I felt like there were skipped dc's in between the 2 sets of fptr. THEN it says to skip 4 and do 2 fpdc into the far pair of fpdc (ok, no problem, but it seems like it skips a bunch and it wants to buckle). here is where i get CONFUSED: I understand what it means to ch 2 reach behind the trebles and fptr in each of the "2 FPDC's YOU SKIPPED"...where are they? I don't see anything but dc's that I skipped. there was only 2 FPDC's over there, and I just used them! I look up at Rnd 2 and it appears I followed it to a T. There are only 2 sets of fpdc in round 2. I'm so confused. If I have made any sense as to what my problem is, I'd appreciate help. It was confusing to type it all out! Thanks in advance..
  5. I have been super busy with my dad and have not had a chance to check things out much around here. But so far I think it looks very pretty. I appreciate all the hard work that you put into this site! Thank you!
  6. Another beautiful bag!! Someone sure will be lucky! I remember taking little Valentine cards to school. Now that my daughter is in Kindergarten, I get to do it all over again, with her. She is so excited! My husband and I usually don't make a big deal about Valentine's Day, either. We did the first couple years that we were together. Our first year together, he got me one of those gigantic cards! lol He also took me out to eat, but what I remember most is that card! It was huge. We figure it's just another way for companies to extract our money from us! I will probably make him something, and he will probably get me a box of chocolates. This year, money is especially tight right now. My dad is on hospice and I'm having to drive to Indianapolis, as much as possible, and all my spare change is going into the gas tank. So, we definitely wont be doing much for Valentine's Day.
  7. Never mind. I answered my own question. I was picturing Front Loop triple crochet. I know now that i'm suppose to work it to the front of the post. Sorry for the waste of a thread.
  8. I'm getting ready to start a new pattern that I found online. http://sadiesbasket.blogspot.com/2012/10/cable-stitch-jenna-headband-pattern.html I was looking it over to make sure I comprehended it before I get started. On row 3 it says to "FPTR in postof each of the next 4 hdc." I know front post triple crochet is where you put the stitch in the front loop of the "v." But what does it mean where the word post is underlined? That's where I'm confused. I've done hats where you work around a post instead of in the stitch, but if that is what this means, then how do you do it front loop? Maybe I'm just not visualizing it right. If someone could help me here, before the site gets shut down for the move, that would be great. If not, I'll work on something else until after the move. Thanks in advance!
  9. Well I don't think I'm really experienced enough to design anything. I'm just curious. I'm a really creative person and I would like to get to that stage of expertise, some day. I'm like that with my music. I wrote poetry my whole life and took lessons in piano and guitar...but it took a really long time to come up with something original, musically, and I was in collaboration with someone else. But I was challenged and it was fun.
  10. I'm totally JEALOUS! lol We only have one income and I have a small stash that is about to run out! I realize that many of you have been crocheting forever, and have accumulated your stash over time.... I wish I could afford to buy enough yarn that I had a nice stash. I can only buy yarn when we can afford it.
  11. I agree. Needle arts and anything DIY and handmade is making a HUGE comeback. And with tutorials and lessons so accessible (and free of charge on YouTube), crochet has really made a huge comeback! All that I could crochet when I was young was chains...learned around 7...from my grandma. I wish I had stuck with it more. I feel like I have missed out on years of joy that I now get from crochet. The only thing that makes me feel old is my slower metabolism, arthritis and gray hair sprouting out on my head...I'm only 35. lol People sure don't make "old comments" to me, especially if they want me to make them something! :rofl:rofl:rofl I'm pretty outspoken.
  12. I've only been crocheting for less than a year. I've gotten down the mechanics of a few things and still have a lot to learn. I was making a hat one day, just a typical beanie...and towards the end I got a little creative. I was working from one particular pattern, but it was just just typical hat increasing...then when I got down to the creative part that was where the pattern got unique, I did something a little different. How do you know, when you design something, that it's original...and not something that has been designed before?
  13. Thanks! I made the slipper socks yesterday morning and have been wearing them. I think I may have screwed up on the decrease in one of them because it fits looser on one foot than it does the other. lol but I'm still wearing them. I love them, actually.
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