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    Christian, stay at home wife & mother. I'm a graphite & colored pencil artist. I'm very new to crochet...learned watching youtube videos. I also crochet left-handed.
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    art, music, reading, writing
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    so far, I'm doing dishcloths.
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    not very long
  1. I'm totally JEALOUS! lol We only have one income and I have a small stash that is about to run out! I realize that many of you have been crocheting forever, and have accumulated your stash over time.... I wish I could afford to buy enough yarn that I had a nice stash. I can only buy yarn when we can afford it.
  2. My grandma taught me how to make a chain when I was a small child. I was good at it. She tried to teach me other stitches and I didn't get it. Then my mother in law tried teaching me when I decided I wanted to learn. I am lefty and she is righty, so I got lost in translation. About 2 years later, I heard about a gal that learned crochet watching YouTube videos... That worked for me, too. I started out watching lefty videos... Once I understood the mechanics of crochet, I could watch righty videos, as well. Then I found a great book at a garage sale for $2! It's helped me a lot.
  3. My grandma taught me how to do a chain when I was a kid. She also taught me latch hook. My mother in law tried teaching me crochet, but I got lost in left/right handed conflicts. A few months ago, I heard of someone learning from YouTube videos, & I gave it a shot. -It's worked for me. I'm grateful for lefty videos!
  4. Ok, I know what plastic canvas is. Didn't know the name, but I've done it...years ago. i'd like to give it another go.
  5. Its kind of a long sad story why I'm currently dogless. I don't want to hijack the thread with details. I'm going to google "plastic canvas," as I've never heard of it.
  6. I am new to crochet...but I've been artsy my whole life. I am a graphite & colored pencil artist. I have dabbled in embroidery. I like latch hook, as well. I play piano & guitar. i also like painting with pastels & doing beading with my daughter. I'd like to learn macrom. I'm lso a dog lover (currently without dog).
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