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  1. New blog post: Tutorial: Missing Button Quick Fix For those times when you realize at the last minute that your pants button is missing or pops off
  2. Newest blog post in honor of spring's arrival: Spring. Sprang. Sprung. My trees are cooler than yours!!
  3. I made a vest for my daughter and made a little tutorial to go along with the pattern.
  4. New blog post: Eight months and one project later...
  5. New post on my blog: Free Pattern - Boy's Springtime Vest (Revised)
  6. New blog post Crochet Christmas Gifts - Neckwarmer/Hat
  7. Free Crochet Pattern http://brainchildrenandeyecandy.weebly.com/1/post/2011/01/free-crochet-pattern-boys-springtime-vest.html
  8. A new look and a new post about homemade Christmas gifts http://brainchildrenandeyecandy.weebly.com/1/post/2011/01/craft-christmas-gifts-photo-centers.html Comments and constructive criticism are always welcome on my blog
  9. Crochet Christmas Gifts -- Bernat Toddler Hoodie http://brainchildrenandeyecandy.weebly.com/1/post/2010/12/crochet-christmas-gifts-bernat-toddler-hoodie.html
  10. I'm 28 years old and started crocheting about nine months ago.
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