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  1. kraftynkrazy

    2015 Swaps

    All of those mentioned and a scarf or cowl kiss swap would be great!
  2. kraftynkrazy

    2015 Swaps

    Love the kiss swaps and I would really love to see the ami swap return as a kiss swap!!! Looking forward to playing along!
  3. kraftynkrazy

    What's on Your hook, right now!

    A parrot. Here is what it looks like right now.
  4. kraftynkrazy


    I was looking for this year's swap schedule as well, but there is nothing posted. I really hope that they haven't eliminated the swaps.
  5. I have a special order project which requires a certain color yarn (ILTY cranberry) which I know is available online and hope to pick up at my local Hobby Lobby tomorrow, (The order needs to be completed by Wednesday.) The problem is that the reviews of this yarn in this particular color are poor due to excessive bleed which would ruin the project once washed. Would washing the yarn prior to using it prevent this? How can I wash an entire skein of yarn without getting huge knots? And can you dry acrylic yarn in a dryer? I have always laid flat to dry but I won't have time. Please help. :/
  6. kraftynkrazy

    Need help with color bleed question

    Thank you so much Mary Jo!!!
  7. kraftynkrazy

    Stocking Stuffer Swap--Signups Open!

    Missed this one too.
  8. kraftynkrazy

    Christmas Magnets

    So darn cute!!!
  9. kraftynkrazy

    Need help with color bleed question

    I have never heard of shout color catcher sheets. They go in the washer?
  10. kraftynkrazy

    2014 Holiday Gift Exchange

    Darn. I missed it.
  11. kraftynkrazy

    Dammit Dolls

    I got an order the other day for a dozen Dammit Dolls crocheted in assorted colors for my sister to give her employees for stress relief. I have two done so far. This is my own pattern using cotton yarn and making each one a little different and special. Here are numbers 1 and 2.
  12. My cousin has stage 3 aggressive breast cancer and I am planning a local craft show fundraiser. Although I have participated in previous craft shows, I have never done anything like this before. I am looking for any and all advice and also for opinions on good craft show items that I can make a lot of rather quickly. We are hoping to be renting spaces to other crafters, but I really want to have my own booth there as well. Any and all thoughts will be most appreciated. Oh, and the show is planned for the 27th of September giving me about 7 weeks to prepare. Thanks.
  13. kraftynkrazy

    Advice & Opinions Needed for Breast Cancer Fundraiser

    Thank you so much Reni. I am working on some potholders now so I will definitely try some of your ideas.
  14. kraftynkrazy

    Spring Scene Hooded Jacket

    So cute!
  15. kraftynkrazy

    Dammit Dolls

    I am back after a nice long break(life has been hectic) and I wanted to share the final picture of all 12 of these little guys and gals. I was quite happy with the way they turned out.
  16. kraftynkrazy

    Dammit Dolls

    I'm sorry they are sideways. For some reason when I post from my phone they always turn out that way.
  17. kraftynkrazy

    Dammit Dolls

    And here is number 3!
  18. kraftynkrazy

    Amigurumi Swap--Swapping

    Yes maam. I used a pattern. You can find it here. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cerberus-or-fluffy-the-three-headed-dog Thanks for all the compliments. I was pretty worried about the final results on the dog.
  19. kraftynkrazy

    Amigurumi Swap--Swapping

    Becky I am so glad you and Purcy liked the package. I really wanted to give you a monster and a mythical creature. The three headed dog seemed perfect but honestly he almost didn't make it. His heads gave me fits for some reason.
  20. kraftynkrazy

    2 New Bunny Softies

    So cute!
  21. kraftynkrazy


    So cute!
  22. kraftynkrazy

    Amigurumi Swap--Swapping

    I forgot to include the awesome pattern Becky sent me as well! It is going to be such fun!!! http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/dragon-lovey
  23. kraftynkrazy

    Amigurumi Swap--Swapping

    Oh WOW!!! I got the most awesome package from beckyb!!! She completely spoiled me and I absolutely love everything! The amis - a pretty Spring fairy, a cute little owl, and the most awesomely adorable dragon imaginable!!! A cute little owl towel with crocheted top, notebooks, and note pads Hooks, cushioned grips, scissors, and yarn needles Tags, the awesome new Red Heart Boutique Sassy Fabric yarn I wanted to try, and a cute card THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!! I <3 it all!!!
  24. kraftynkrazy

    Official Crochetville Bag Lady?

    Those Crochetville bags are made by Tampa Doll. She makes one each month and gifts it to a lucky Crochetville member thereby creating a sort of "Bag Lady club". Mine was her 97th bag. :-)