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Mr. Pickles' Costume


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Last month my niece called me and told me my sister, (her Mom), had just gotten a new dog from a co-worker. A chihuahua named Mr. Pickles.


Well, between her and my other niece's giggling, I managed to understand the true reason for her call.

She wanted me to crochet a pickle costume for Mr. Pickles.

(She'd been looking everywhere for a dog pickle costume but couldn't find one anywhere.) She also wanted his name on the costume.


So, without a clue as to the size of this dog, I jumped into this project whole-heartedly.

(A dog named Mr. Pickles MUST have a pickle costume!)


I finished it and sent it off last week.

I got some photos of the dog from my sister the other day.


(He looks like the Green Giant's Little Green Sprout. LOL!) :hook


I used Simply Soft yarn in dark green.

I graphed the words "Mr.Pickles" at a Celtic Cross Stitch site, (there's a link in my blog for that).


Then I tunisian crocheted the Mr Pickles graph with a J-size cabled hook.


The last two photos are of the back and the underside. See the seem on the underside? That's where I joined the costume by whip-stitching it there.


I then had to make two leg holes by single crocheting with a regular J hook. I had to guess as to the size and just hoped it would fit.


I also made a spiffy vine hat using a green pipecleaner/chenille stem.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I cut green felt circles out and sewed them all over the costume too.


I don't think Mr Pickles will be trick-or-treating this year but maybe he can help answer their door and pass out treats!





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