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    mom of 5. love 2 sew/crochet and do lots of reading
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    Bremen Georgia
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    sew/crochet/read/fish/swim and many more
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    mom and wife
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    afghans, and now that i know how to make them Socks n slipper socks
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    12 yrs or so
  1. I was 20/21.. and I bought the how to crochet book at walmart. I did not understand the directions well.. I did not see you had to Chain and turn the work and I kept going in a big "oval" till my BFF's grandma saw what I was doing and she set me straight!! then the directions made sense.. so in a way I feel like she taught me.. once she showed me what I did wrong. everything clicked. and Ever since every new technique I've self taught myself, by watching Utube.
  2. who me?? lol noooooooo nevaaaaaa (looks at her 4 bags of projects sittin on the floor).. LOL
  3. I"m going to have to try this... as this is my issue with knitting!!! I can't manuplate the needles.. 1 hook im fine. gimme 2 and im all thumbs but.... I Crochet mainly *suprise rite?* counted cross stitch.. Plastic canvas.. and sew a lil. *edit OH YEA* I also can latch hook and loom knit almost forgot bout those
  4. wow i've totaly forgot about this "project" I still have about 2 colors worth of Saltines to make, This project has been pushed to the back of my list. but now mabey I'll have to renew it and start a new one now that I'm plannin on making my Niece a afghan. she turns 18 today. and will be a senior in the fall! wow time has flown
  5. omg to cute!!!! i would so use it for myself just beacuse of how cute it is!!!. I may have to print this out and put it in my "want to do" list. thanks for sharing
  6. LOL TAMPA THAT is how i am for Knitting:crocheting. I can't Graspy the Concept of 2 needles ****! :hookONE hook i'm good... Put 2 in my hand and I sit there looking all lost:2spin:scrachin:shrug
  7. I'm 33 and started crocheting about 12/13 yrs ago, :hookI too just like elle only Did the basics.. Sc/ds/tr/hdc. that's it!.. i didnt even know how to Realy read a pattern till I joined C'ville. before C'ville the only pattern i ever read was a Crochet egg cozy. worked in rounds!. and i had no clue that was even working in rounds. till I REaly needed to make hats for my oldest Daughter who is ADHD and suffers from Tricatillamaina (pulling out body hair) she had picked her hair just about bald. and I wanted to make hats for her to wear to school to cover her head. but Crochet is NOT ju
  8. oh wow im gonna save this pattern... Im working on a 1073 square ghan rite now.. then im also tryin to make another formy mom of my own deisgn. but I'd love to make this.. I always love flannel pattern n colors.. I was additcted to wearing flannel in HS and still have my favorite Flannel that i have had for like 20 yrs LOL!
  9. I choose family/friend.. but I first got a book at walmart.. and having a learning disability. sometimes written directions seem like another language to me. I figured out the hole Chain stich... but for the life of me couldnt figure how from there.. My progects would curl and twist and just look plain awful. One day while at my BFF's grandma's house (praticaly my G-may too) She's been my BFF 16 yrs . Well anywho.. I was sitting on her sofa and noticed a WIP on the back of the sofa n i askd Grandma.. OHHH can up plz show me what im doing wrong... she said sure.. next time u come over..
  10. HI southern Tier Im orginaly FROM upstate ny in the southern Tier.. I grew up in endicott .. but moved to Georgia . I miss broome county
  11. I am right handed. I have never attemped to try lefty... that would proly be just as akward as tryin to write left handed:eek
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