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    mom of 5. love 2 sew/crochet and do lots of reading
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    Bremen Georgia
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    sew/crochet/read/fish/swim and many more
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    mom and wife
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    afghans, and now that i know how to make them Socks n slipper socks
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    12 yrs or so
  1. I miss fallowing these posts.. Congrats ahead of time to the winner
  2. Hello and welcome to the ville. you will find a bunch of helpfull friendly people here..
  3. Hello friends I know i posted this in my off the topic thread but here they are in their proper home.. the Afghan page!!! purple and white with veragated stitching Octa and square afghan with matching spring fling pillow is what I did for my mom... and the purple n black and blue is on my bed.. I made a pillow for it but not spring fling.. i was not to crazy about the flower part. althou I love it on moms.. just when i fnish my pillow for mine I liked it how it was flower free lol whell onto the afghans
  4. Oh my another retry tote!! I sue have missed your threads!!! And tote give aways
  5. A sweater I got on Annie's attic will post a pic of the pattern later, it's gonna be in pink camo
  6. wounderfull bag maryjo!!! LOVE it!!. . hope you been well.. i sure do miss my all day long visits to the vill.. now there all day long visits to work lol... cn't waite to see novembr bag
  7. a big ty to Aussie_Paula mady's package arrived yesterdy!! and seh was so excited!! such a beautiful square!!!.. I will post pics later tomarrow of mady an the kids with their loot.. even thou zachary already ate his chips and strawberry bar lol... he aske to take that to school today for his snack... ty again so much Paula for the thoughful extra's you sent along for the kids. and a magnificagent square. mady is going to have one rockin pillowghan when i get it done..
  8. Looking for a pattern, of a wolf to stitch on a scarf and hat.. I'm hoping for something in cables.. like you see in the owl pattern. if anyone knows of where to get this let me know i been searching ike crazy and canot find any
  9. Im looking for a wolf pattern that is similar to the Filet owl pattern that Carlinda did. I have been requested to do a wolf.. but i do not know if one is out... if anyone knows of one Id apreciate it... it can be paid or free just longs it's a wolf and done in cables
  10. welcome to the ville!!!! and what awswome idea for yor hubby... wish mine would ask for something crochet. rosereds flannel ghans are a hit i can't find the pattern link but im sure someone has it
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