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Jeans For Me


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Well this weekend I got my sew on again.

Since I did so good on my wide leg brown pants with the zipper and pockets I decided to see how I can do again with pockets and zippers so I decided to make me some jeans.


No Pattern used, I used a old pair of jeans that I cut up and used as my draft of a pattern.:)

I put my own details into my jeans and went for it.:)








Close up on back/back pockets



Back overall



I love how these turned out. Since I have been losing a little bit of weight, it has got a little harder for me to get jeans that fits in all the right places and to be able to make a pair that fits just like I want it is amazing.


So what you all think? :)

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Thank ladies, but, what everyone don't know is that I recently just started sewing for myself last year, I always sewn for my kids and sewn bags, pillows all those easy things but, I decided last year as a resolution I was going to start sewing clothes for myself and basely adult clothing.


Thanks for the comments. :) Working on a couple other projects for myself:)

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