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  1. Kristie, that is adorable! Thank you so much!:clap
  2. Well, I was being so good, just buying a skein here and there to go with the stuff that's already in my stash. Then NGHT posted that the peaches and cream place had the grab bags on for $2.19. I ordered 5 plus 5 more cones. Then I went to OKC this weekend. I got 10 skeins (2 were on clearance). Then I went to Michael's and bought 10 more on clearance. I only get to go to these places once very month or two. Thank goodness for my hobby hut! DH will never know.
  3. I got a lot of my stash when my husband's aunt passed away. She owned a quilt shop with everything imaginable for quilting and tons of material. They also had a good selection of yarn. After the big sale my dh's mom asked if I wanted the yarn that was left. I got well over 300 skeins of new yarn from the shop plus hooks and yarn from her personal stash. I've used a lot of it, but I try to keep a pretty good assortment of baby yarn on hand because I live 30 miles from the nearest Wal-Mart (the only store in town that has yarn). I'm 125 miles from the nearest Michael's, Joann's or Hobby L
  4. I recounted yesterday and since I started this thread a few months ago I'm down approximately 30 skeins. That includes a few recent purchases. So in spite of all the time I spend at the 'ville I've still managed to decrease the number. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe I should go shopping, hmmm!
  5. I'm in a CAL right now for a graphgan using tunisian. It was started by MOOMOOO. Check it out! There are some really neat ones in progress.
  6. Well, I had mine all counted and organized, then I bought a couple of skeins here and there and before I knew it. Then I had to get some to do my graphgan. I did use a few along the way and used up a bunch of balls. Then I went to Hobby Lobby. I was trying to decide whether I should get a bunch of the ones that were on sale or a couple of the ones that weren't on sale. The ones on sale were very nice, but the ones that weren't on sale were so yummy and soft. Then dh comes in the store and says "well, how much are they?" I tell him and he says get both kinds. He didn't have to tell me t
  7. I was admiring these last night. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Thanks, RoseRed! I will definitely post a picture if I don't forget. I think I might make another one for my brother later on. It was fun to do. Thanks again for sharing your pattern.
  9. RoseRed, I didn't join this CAL, but I made one anyway. I love it and enjoyed making it, but I have a question for you. On the border should I do it with 2 strands of yarn or just one? Thanks!
  10. I love reading about everyone's stash. I do buy some yarn, but most of mine was given to me by late MIL. Her mother & sister owned a quilt shop. It was wonderful. Lots of quilts, the best selection of fabric around, notions and yarn. When they both passed away the shop was closed and I got all the yarn in the shop. I also got a huge plastic bag of yarn and hooks from the sisters personal stash. I've used a lot of it, but still have quite a bit left.
  11. What a wonderful hubby! Mine picks up yarn for me only when I request it, and know exactly what I need. Which reminds me I forgot to count that cornmeal color he got me a few weeks ago. I picked up 2 more skeins yesterday on sale at Basket Market. I went to Michael's yesterday and didn't buy any! I did caress a few, but did't have time to really shop because I was helping my future DIL shop for the wedding on June 9. After the wedding I'm going to sit down and crochet for a couple of hours uninterrupted. Jean
  12. Laurastar, Nght & Mudpie after reading your posts I feel the need to go yarn shopping. Compared to yours I just have a baby stash. Mine just takes up 3 large totes, 2 medium totes, 1 box and 1 XXL ziploc bag, plus a few bags with WIP. I need more yarn! Jean:devil:devil:devil
  13. That's a not a stash, that's a yarn shop You are definitely the queen of yarn addicts!
  14. This has probably been asked before, but I couldn't find it and I was just curious. Mine is only 225-250 full skeins, plus a large bag of partly used skeins and small balls. It's been getting smaller since I discovered the 'ville. You guys are so talented and have really inspired me. I could probably get a lot more done if I didn't visit this place so much, but I enjoy looking at everyone's work. :hook:hook Jean
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