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  1. hayhook

    C’ville July 2009 Tote

    Ohhhh! Chocolate is the best! Another beautiful job!:cheer:cheer
  2. hayhook

    Invisible Decrease - Fabulous!

    Yes, she didn't forget us lefties! I will definitely try that technique next time! TFS!
  3. hayhook

    Balloon Animals Pattern Now Free!

    Those are great! TFS!
  4. hayhook

    RR For Crochet Pen Pal's BD

  5. hayhook

    C’ville June 2009 Tote

    Exactly, how I felt. There are so many wonderful people on here and to be chosen to receive one of Mary Jo's awesome bags was just an incredible feeling.
  6. hayhook

    Itsy Bitsy Baby

    Adorable! I've been working on clothes for those dolls too, but I can only work on them when dgd isn't here because she would want it right then.
  7. hayhook

    C’ville June 2009 Tote

    Another beautiful bag and it definitely brings back memories! It was a quarter for the Saturday matinee! I could walk there by myself or with a friend and my parents never had to worry about my safety or what was showing. I loved the candy, but I always had to have a pickle too!
  8. hayhook

    Inspired by Brenda bassinet

    Adorable and the color is beautiful!
  9. Beautiful! Thanks for posting the link!
  10. hayhook

    Yarn Movies

    A Fist Full of Hooks For a Few Hooks More Nowhere to Hide Yarn The War of the Rosewood Hooks Pirates of the Caribbean: At Skeins End How to Lose a Hook in 10 Days This is fun!
  11. hayhook

    Toys For The Children's Hospital

    Great job! They're adorable!
  12. hayhook

    Time to admit there's a problem?

    I see no problem! Pleasant dreams are good!
  13. hayhook

    Jellie Beanz Bearz

    I love them, they're adorable! Thanks for sharing!
  14. hayhook

    Direct Orders from a 2 year old.

    That is so sweet! He's a great big brother!
  15. hayhook

    Direct Orders from a 2 year old.

    Sounds like my2 year old dgd. When she sees me making something she always says "that's mine". My avatar is of her when she was around a year old. I take care of her while her parents work and as soon as she could crawl she grabbed my hook and yarn.