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    Mom, wife, cubicle slave, and crocheter.
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    Westfield, NJ
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    crochet, reading, plastic canvas
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    cubicle slave
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    I love purses, shawls, ami, afghans...I love it all!
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    since I was 14 or so
  1. My daughter is going to LOVE this for her doll!
  2. We were supposed to get a good hit of Tropical Storm Hannah today, so I stayed in and crocheted a lot. The storm was no big deal but I have 39" on my round ripple so far!
  3. Thanks! I'll go and get more of them before I start.
  4. Hi guys! I've never done a round ripple before but am going to start one (Aggie May's pattern) as a Christmas gift for my 20 year old sister. I'm going to use a single strand and an I hook. Can I ask how much yarn you've used on ghans sized for a full sized bed or so. I know I've got 2 caron pounders in purples that would look nice together, but I'm not sure if 2 pounders would be enough.
  5. Hey Ann, check out this thread and see if you could use this. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=79068
  6. That's awesome! I've been wanting to do graphghans as well, but the free program was not too good. Thank you!
  7. I hold my hook like a steak knife. I only experience pain if I am using a very small hook.
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