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    Mom of 4
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    Van Buren, IN
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    Server @ Cracker Barrel
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    Ami babies, ???
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    Self Taught in 2005
  1. Congrats!! Those look super fab on! You do such a wonderful job on all of your sewing projects.
  2. Welcome from Van Buren, IN!! Sit back and grab a cup of coffee, cause you're gonna wanna be here for a while!
  3. Muncie, huh? I am just up the road in Van Buren. Welcome to the 'ville! Sit back and hold on, these folks manage to blow my mind several times a week with their creativity and talent. Hope you have lots of memory on your puter, you will find more patterns here than anyone could do in a millenium! Have fun! Lesley
  4. That is beeuuutimous! I love it!
  5. Welcome from Van Buren, IN. Grab a cup of coffee and settle in. You're gonna be here for a while!
  6. Thanks! My 8yo wants to be a game designer when he grows up, so he lives games! I don't mean just playing them, he likes to get on the net and try to find out how they work, how they are designed, etc. So I think he had a big factor in helping the younger 2 decide on costumes. He has always been a BIG Mario fan. When he was just learning to talk he would watch us play and say, "make wittle man go, go, go!" wittle man being Mario!
  7. honey_pott

    My $1.50 RR

    Thanks for all of the compliments. I'm pretty sure this won't be the last RR I make, just gonna have to wait for rummage season to come back! Lesley
  8. Yeah, I have a hard time deciding. We live on a tight budget, so not a lot of extra stash money. So I am constantly scouring thrift stores, rummages, freecycle, etc for yarn. So most of my projects are by whats on hand, not go out and buy for. So this limits what I can make so I have to start with what I have then what pattern do I have enough to complete. I do want to make a crochetghan with the saltines. Those are amazing. So that is what I am stashing for. One of these days(sighs) Lesley
  9. honey_pott

    My $1.50 RR

    Picked up this yarn at a rummage sale early in the summer. This is my first RR. I did run into it bunching but I am okay with it. This will live on the front porch on the swing. Close up of colors: I put this together while I was sitting with MIL in the nursing home. Needed something that could keep me busy while still aware of my surroundings. Thanks for looking. Lesley
  10. The kids decided to go 'together' on their costumes this year. Very pleasant surprise for me. The Princesses shrug was no pattern just kinda winged it. The Mario Bros hats were with this pattern www.crochetandknittting.com/brimhat.htm Thanks for looking. Hope everyone had as good a time as we did last night. Was lots of fun hearing everyone "Oh itsa Mario! Itsa Luuuigii!" "you must be princess peach!" Lesley
  11. Wow! That is HOT! I love it, congrats! Lesley
  12. Here is one: http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Crochet/Projects/TV+Projects/KCT0015+Crochet+Cable+Scarf.htm http://crochet.about.com/od/freepatterns/a/tradcbscarf2.htm http://www.crochetkim.com/patterns/aran.html Lesley
  13. Hello. I am in Van Buren. Small town about 15 minutes from Marion. My DH went to Jay County High School and lived in Portland for quite a while. But that was several(about 15) yrs ago. Nice to see another Hoosier on the board. Lesley
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