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Felted Mosaic Tote


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When I did the Retro Mosaic Tote someone here suggested that it would make a great pattern for felting.


I started work on one right away.


Hmmm, I have the "after" shots first. Oh well :lol


After the wash it measures 10 X 10.5 inches X 6 inches.



Before shots next

It started out as about 13 X 13 squared (front and back), and 7 X 13 sides and bottom.



I have more pictures of the sides and bottom before and after and a couple more of the front and back in my blog, (see link below).


It really looks cool. I only washed it twice and it filled in so nicely I don't think I will wash it anymore.


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I love the way your bag turned out after felting :hook . I have been making purses, mostly patterns out of my head, but haven't tried the felting yet.


What kind of yarn did you use and what size hook?



Sharon in Seattle...counting stitches...with my _^..^_ kitty :cat

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i love this. When I saw your bag I immediately thought it needed to be fulled. Yup, I was right. Ok...now to find yet more time to work on another bag. gggg

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I used a size J hook.


For the thread, our Hobby Lobby here is clearancing out many items right now. I found two needlepoint kits which were exactly the same, with 100% Persian wool yarn inside. Six dollars each. Woohoo!


So I made the bag with all the colors inside. I saw they were earth tones and thought it would be nice. They were originally Thirty dollars a kit. Yep, that's right!


I picked up two more kits, (both of them are different), so I can still make a couple of things. I am tackling a felted bear at the moment. I have no idea what I'm doing!! :lol

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