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    Home school mom, Army wife, crochet-a-holic
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    Anywhere the Army sends us
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    crocheting, knitting, spinning, reading
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    since 1980-ish
  1. Still working on those letters *finished I and L with H and W waiting in the wings Cathedral window shawl *on hold until further notice...too darned hot to even think about a shawl right now Mittens and socks *2 pairs of knitted socks completed in the last week cast on the third pair yesterday
  2. that is lovely. Now if only I hadn't of cut my LONG hair to it's rather short and sassy look earlier this season
  3. This is probably the most I have had at one time and it's driving me nuts * Cathedral Window CAL ( I am making it into a shawl and having to rework the pattern for rows instead of rounds...looks stunning so far) * mittens for Josh (nearly done...but well...lost interest but shh don't tell him) * learning to knit socks * alhabet pillow patterns (I and L are with testers now)
  4. oh boy...it's that time again, eh? Ok.... still working on "Jessie's Dressies" sock pattern...just haven't been motivated dishcloths for the upcoming swap and a butterfly shawl that just sort of happened on Sunday morning gggg
  5. it's Wedensday again, so here's my list Summer scarf for my swap pal last part of Jessie's sock pattern (Jessie's Dressie) WOW...that's it? I guess I have no excuse not to get something finished this week
  6. Chris's second sock :knitanother bath poofy thing (from the new Crochet me)...made one Sunday and LOVE it :knitflower scarf (more then 1/2 way done) :knitdish cloths ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Frogged the cocoon sweater and will patiently wait for Deneen to rewrite the pattern
  7. Red/white/blue Star blankey for the Blankey Brigade Socks for Chris
  8. I gotta finish the ties for my boys for Sunday. I have one completed but realized it's probably too long. Wanted them to be surprises...but surprise, I gotta try it on one of them first. ARGH. Well...hopefully I can get them finished by Friday as I would like to make a ponchette kinda thing for Jessie's Dress
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