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  1. Lookng great Stacey. I haven't uncovered my cathedral shawl yet. I still have several boxes to wade through. This move and all that happened in the last 30 days has just been a little too much for me to handle I think. But alas, I WILL uncover it soon....along with my yarn and other toys and projects I hope. At least I have spun and picked up the needles (ummm..still haven't found my hooks) again.
  2. Still working on those letters *finished I and L with H and W waiting in the wings Cathedral window shawl *on hold until further notice...too darned hot to even think about a shawl right now Mittens and socks *2 pairs of knitted socks completed in the last week cast on the third pair yesterday
  3. that is lovely. Now if only I hadn't of cut my LONG hair to it's rather short and sassy look earlier this season
  4. thanks for the compliments. I am using yarns from knit picks. They are lace weights that I am double stranding. the colors are splendor, stained glass (from their shimmer line...70% alpaca and 30% silk...talk about soft)....and then smoke and black (from their alpaca cloud line...100% alpaca)
  5. ok...here's the first public viewing of my project. I am just now starting the first round of popcorns. Since this is going to be a shawl I omitted the center hexagon and I think I am going to do the small heptagon along the sides so it will border the whole thing. Does that make sense? It's weird working the pattern in rows instead of rounds. I have to be careful which is the right side and stuff...but all in all..so far I am more then pleased.
  6. This is probably the most I have had at one time and it's driving me nuts * Cathedral Window CAL ( I am making it into a shawl and having to rework the pattern for rows instead of rounds...looks stunning so far) * mittens for Josh (nearly done...but well...lost interest but shh don't tell him) * learning to knit socks * alhabet pillow patterns (I and L are with testers now)
  7. [quote name=crochetdiva I decided to use the bigger hook and single strand throughtout...I know, I am a rebel. lol[/quote] I decided to do the opposite and use double strand and a smaller hook throughout (although I am using a smaller hook anyway (D) since I am using laceweight)
  8. Would somebody please tell me why I decided to use lace weight yarn to make this project? Oh....wait I know the answer (pick me...pick me)....It's because the colors are absolutely stunning together. But......I will be blind before this project is over. Whew....I have finished my triangles and am sewing them together...I think this is most certainly a project that I can only work on when I don't have 5 kids hoving over me, lest they hear something they shouldn't. Now....I need more coffee and perhaps I will start on some magic loop to further frustrate me. No church today a
  9. too funny, I thought the same thing when I was working on my pentagons tonight. I got two done but shesh...I sure hope this isn't an indication of what's to come
  10. yummm....my yarn arrived from knitpicks today and even my kids thought the colors were awesome together. I am just drooling right now...but I must finish cleaning out the camper that we brought home (finally) yesterday. But ... ooohhh....I must put the kids to bed early tonight so I can get some quiet crochet time.
  11. wow...sounds like you all have chosen some awesome colors. I will have to post mine. I am using knitpicks shimmer for the variegated http://www.knitpicks.com/yarns/yarn_Display.aspx?itemid=5420112 Using stained glass for the dark and turquoise splendor for the light then chose alpaca cloud in black and smoke for the other colors. I was afraid to make it the blanket and opted for the shawl idea as I have 1 large dog who likes to sleep on beds, 3 cats who like to bury underneath the blankeys on any bed, and the 5 kids who still aren't up to the appreciation of the work it would
  12. I am getting itchy to start this. My yarn was shipped yesterday so I hope it's here by tomorrow or Saturday. Hubby is off on Monday and I can just concentrate on working on this for a few minutes (hours??) perhaps. Just when my mailman thought he was safe, I guess I need to start some covert ops again.
  13. Stacy, looks great. Can't wait to see it when it is done. Kristina, kudos on the book. What will you be working on?
  14. I have ordered my yarn (lace weight) and am now eagerly awaiting it's arrival. I shall make this my long term project and still be able to work on my mittens and socks. I am not one to be able to work on too many different projects at one time, so this will be new to me. By the way...thanks again Cheryl for your input on my yarn choices. I hope they are as yummy in person as they looked on the computer screen (although I must admit I have not been disappointed yet with knitpicks)
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