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    Home school mom, Army wife, crochet-a-holic
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    Anywhere the Army sends us
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  1. thanks. I am really proud of Josh. He is my oldest child that was highly medicated when he first came to live with us 3 years ago. His behavior was off the wall. He has come so far and now is doing great. He loves helping me with things like this.
  2. if you use rit I highly recommend exceeding the vinegar to more then what it would call for.
  3. Great job on the skein. As for instructions....well, I now have three wheels and none came with instructions on how to spin. I find a great resource to be on line. Check out this website http://www.icanspin.com/toc.htm for some of the basics. Can be frustrating. I am self taught and a lot of that was just trial and error. But so worth it.
  4. Awesome. Warning *spinning is highly addictive* I had to start selling and creating my own rovings just because of it. Definately want to see pictures.
  5. Thanks all. We will have more roving blends shortly. It's too cold to work out in the garage and a real pain to drag all the stuff in the house every day. But we are having fun and I am learning a lot for my Master's
  6. I am working on my Master Spinner's certificate and have to do a lot of fleece (both alpaca and sheep) that hasn't been to the mill. So yes I do fleece that hasn't been processed. As for the mill, since it is just getting started, I actually do it all here. I wash, process, and spin the fiber. My "pay" varies with the mill owner. I can work for acutal cash or work on the half...meaning if I process a pound of fiber for him I get to keep half of that...so it just depends on the mood I am in and what my stash is looking like
  7. I generally do that for me especially when I am spinning alpaca for the mill I contract for. However, this was to be more of a custom rainbow roving. It worked out very well. I have made several now and am quite pleased with the results. Makes it very easy to spin especially for the new spinner.
  8. I finally jumped on the band wagon and started my own etsy shop. I sell yarns and rovings for spinning. My rovings are custom blended and dyed by me. My children help with dyeing the yarns. You can check it out at www.wovenspun.etsy.com Thanks for looking.
  9. Thought I would show you the picture report that Josh did with me today. Go to my website and click on the tutorial button. Follow the link for the rainbow roving.
  10. http://www.wovenspun.com/indexmain.htm Click here and it will take you to our menu. Click on the free patterns button on the left hand side . Once on the free pattern page, you will see three sock patterns named after 3 of my children. I never did get the Jessie's Dressies and Josh by Gosh patterns written up But you will see Chris Cross Ankle Socks, Vee Socks for Me socks and Cassie-O-Peah sock patterns. let me know if you have any further questions and I will be glad to try to help.
  11. Glad you like the pattern Deneen. There is something soothing about socks, that's for sure. And it's not just the making them, it's the wearing them with pride as well knowig "you" made them. I recently had someone ask me rather saracstically why I spin my own yarn to make socks when I can go buy them cheaper and easier at a local store....I smiled sweetly and said , "because I can" and went on knitting
  12. Thanks ladies. Believe it or not, it's much easier to blog now. YAY
  13. nope....no sloshing....just go potty A LOT!
  14. I have a new blog. You can see it HERE Thanks to my very special Fairy Godmother for holding my hand the last two days while building it. Would appreciate you changing your bookmarks from my old blog.
  15. That we did. And there is more to come. Thanks for looking
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