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  1. I have the Knitpicks interchangeable needle set and love them. But I do agree with magiccrochetfan that it will be easier to learn to knit with a pair of straight bamboo needles. They aren't expensive and you will use them more than you think you will.
  2. I've been knitting for over 40 years and crocheting almost as long. I absolutely love the Knitpicks needles. I have the straight ones and a set of interchangeable circular needles, which I've had no problems with. They are light, warm and have more of a point than any others I've used. Here's a link to show the different ones they have. Mine are the Rainbow needles. You can click on the left side to go to the circular needles. http://www.knitpicks.com/needles/knitting_needles.html
  3. There's a glue specifically for foam with the silly name of "Hold the Foam". On the tube it states "Glue for Styrofoam" and "instant grab, repositionable, water clean-up". I've had mine quite a while but haven't used it. It's in a 2 oz tube.
  4. Could it be a vintage pattern for a thread bedspread or tablecloth? Reminds me of them.
  5. when, in preparing dinner, you ask your husband to go to the fridge and get a skein of celery.
  6. Thank you. This will be a big help.
  7. Here are some doll measurement charts that might be helpful: http://www.knitting-and.com/knitting/tips/doll-sizes.htm
  8. You can wash out the sugar and redo them. I've even washed thread snowflakes in the washer, in a mesh laundry bag. I did not put them in the dryer, but used Allene's stiffener liquid and reblocked them. 1:1 water and white glue (Elmer's) works too. If the glue method is too matte looking for you, you can brush them after they are dry with a gloss medium.
  9. For card makers or other paper crafters--I scanned a doily with colored paper behind it for a very pretty background. The opacity can be adjusted for a fainter image. Makes a nice beginning for paper projects.
  10. If you don't want to join Ravelry, any small snowflake pattern done in yarn would work. Just add eyes, a couple of stitches for mouth and a little blush for cheeks.
  11. You can find it on Ravelry. You'll have to join but it's free: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sweetie-the-snowflake
  12. I was thinking knit seed stitch or single moss stitch.
  13. I use an embroidery backstitch. If one strand of yarn in the needle doesn't make a heavy enough line, use a double strand. There are lots of tutorials and videos online.
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