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Poncho Crochetalong


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pfirsch...I sent you the email, did you receive it? Just checking!


The yarn was Caron Ultra Soft. It felt really good to work with, and I think Caron just became one of my favorite yarns. It was really a good choice, color wise, and feel wise.

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Guest zoezzoo



I just finished a pink poncho for my son's girlfriend, and am working on another one for ME! from a big cone of burgundy-ish chenille I had in my stash..can I join? Will send pics as soon as I can...Not happy at all with the neckline on the pink one..so will adjust it a lot next time. Have yarn ordered for 2 more ponchos to make next week, I ordered a pattern from the UK..and the whole poncho is crocheted from eyelash yarn. I can't wait to get started on one! I think? :fc



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Well I never officially joined this CAL but I thought I would show you what I came up with anyway! I'm kinda frustrated cause after I made it, I realized I used the wrong hook and it's too small for me, I wear a L-XL and this fits a S-M thru the shoulders just fine. Oh well, I'm gonna have my mom wear it and see if I can get some orders that way. I used the capelet pattern from the coatsandclark site. It works up really fast and is super easy to do.


Here is a close-up of the stitch pattern, it's kinda hard to see in this yarn but I'm pretty sure it's the Aligned Shells stitch (square #25) in the 63 square afghan pattern.




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I finally finished my poncho! Of course I don't remember where I got the pattern now, either, but I'll find it. It was one of those freebie tear off sheets. It was made with two strands of yarn, one forest green, and one strand of white. I think it came out gorgeous if I do say so myself! I must take pictures now!!



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Guest mimikj

Is the poncho crochet along still going on? If it is I would love to join. I have wanted to make one for quite some time.


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