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    heidelberg, germany
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    crochet, reading, walking, travel
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    admin type stuff
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    shawls, scarves, dishclothes, baby blankets
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    i began crocheting when i was 12 or thirteen years old, took a long break and started again in 2004
  1. Lauren, those are incredible, I'll be on the lookout for the pattern.
  2. that's my favorite baby sweater pattern, i love the colors you chose.
  3. excellent starghan, i really love the colors you chose.
  4. very nice round ripple, the colors go great with your bedspread. its looks very cozy.
  5. Lainie, your round ripple is beautiful, it must be wonderfully soft and drapey since its made with Microspun. Great work!
  6. atom girl, i really like your dr. who scarf. had planned to make one but i the yarn wanted to be a different type of scarf. as far as getting burnt out i usually just take a day or two off. i'm finally working on the edging for a baby blanket made with fingering weight yarn with an F hook that i thought i would never finish..it took so long because i just didn't want to see it on some days...and my hands needed a rest too.
  7. becks, i'm moved...that's absolutely beautiful.
  8. Gene, the color and design are great, i like the way the post stitches snake across the fabric...and welcome to crochetville too!
  9. i have a couple balls of that rainbow boucle at home and would have never thought to make a round ripple with it. yours is beautiful...and thanks for the idea.
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