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  1. That's me to a tee - sitting at home, that is, not going to a bar. I'm such a homebody. I think I've only been to a bar once, and that was for my 21st birthday many moons ago...
  2. My hubby's from Worcester! We're going there today for Easter dessert. Small world.
  3. I work in Northbridge! Or I will be for one more week. I recently quit... scary & happy all at the same time.
  4. It's nice to see some MA peoplehere - I think I'm about 40 min from Hopkinton,though.
  5. I'm in South MA - I'm actually closer to CT or even RI then to Boston .
  6. Since I'm a CGOA member, I'd really like to see a MA chapter. I had heard of someone starting one, but unfortunately, she never answered any of my inquires . I'm not organized enough or have the time to start one on my own, but I'd like to help start a local crochet group, even if it's not guild affiliated. Anyone from MA here?
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