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  1. Oh thank you, that's a new to me site!
  2. Well, I can't NOT buy yarn, but, I'm thinning down my yarn. Since I started recycling sweaters I'm getting much more into natural yarns/higher end stuff. I'm going to be donating about 40 pounds worth of yarn, and I'm still keeping about 120 pounds of acrylic. I am trying to get down to 100 pounds worth of yarn, but it's so hard!! I only use acrylic stuff now for charity/afghans/and things like hook holders & the occasional bag that'll get a lot of use, or sometimes sweaters if it's something that'll get washed & worn a lot. Anything I make for my mom is acrylic because she won't take care of anything. Of course I don't make a lot for her, as she doesn't appreciate anything I make anyways. Okay, now I'm whining....
  3. Worked for me, my passion is felted bags right now.
  4. The nerve of some people. I wanted to email her so bad. My parents sold an Alf doll with a grilled cheese sandwich that he "made" on ebay. The sad thing is, they actually SOLD it! For some odd reason the winner didn't actually want the sandwich, just the alf doll.
  5. I have some info about felting bags up at my blog. Basically any simple bag can be felted. Just remember to crochet much looser than you normally do: in order to felt properly items must be made loosely. Oh, and make sure when you felt, to throw your item in with a pillowcase. I just made another little mini bag yesterday & felted it. I hate out it came out, though - I used DC instead of SC to see ho it would come out, and it's okay, but not nearly as nice as sc. I'm actually going to cut off the strap & I'm just going to use it as a clutterbag either in my bathroom or on my side of the bed.
  6. Yeah! Today's the 25th! Last day for sign-ups! I'm not excited, oh, no! In the meantime I'm keeping busy recycling sweaters & thinning out my stash. You should see how much yarn I'm thinning out... that's what happens when I really turn into a yarn snob!
  7. That's totally me to a tee right now, too. Last weekend I was able to get 4 sweaters for $8.50, not great, but not bad when you consider how much yarn I netted after frogging. I went out looking today but came home with no sweaters to frog, but a skein of Lamb's Pride bulky for 49cents did come home with me. I buy a lot of yarn this time of year from yard sales, auctions, flea markets,thrifting, etc etc etc & then I don't buy too-too much over the winter. So, I'm definitely NOT in!
  8. I'm in... I only have one UFO, unless you count the 63 squares CAL with the missing squares... so I don't count it, since I can't find it. Besides, the yarn that was supposed to be the CAL, disappeared into kitty blankets for the shelter. I recently tossed a couple afghan UFO's.... I spent hours frogging the yarn & finally decided to toss it. I'd rather spend my time recycling wool sweaters than recyling acyrlic that I don't use other than for animal blankets anyway.
  9. Oh, I'm so glad somebody likes it! DH says he did, too, but what does he know?LOL. It's the hobo bag pattern from freepatterns.com. Somebody's blog (sorry, I forgot who) mentioned they made one, and I love backpacks so I checked out the link. I was planning on making it a backpack, but... I just can't leave patterns alone!
  10. More details & another pic at my blog (link in sig). I'm not sure I like this one! I'm not sure how well the colors go together & it just feels so lightweight... not sure what I'm going to do with it, either.
  11. Don't forget about food coloring (my personal favorite, and cheaper than kool aide) or easter egg dye. I haven't tried easter egg dye yet, but I stocked up after Easter this year. I think I bought 10 kits!
  12. http://www.grannysquarewoman.blogspot.com
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