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My Book Old Fashioned Doilies: NOW OUT


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oh oh wow... I could just cry those are so amazing!:nworthy :nworthy I want it, I just hope they take paypal!


Congratulations! they are simply... you are so talented, I hope you will celebrate ! (shaking head in amazement!) you are an inspiration!


Hugs, Cynthia

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I finally got to see my booklet this afternoon. woohoo-022.gif I received all my doilies back today and my copies of the booklet.

Wow what an awesome moment to see it as a reality. A moment that will never come again.

It was nice to have my doilies come home to roost too. Though I already plan on using most of them as gifts this Christmas.

I am impressed with what a nice job they did on the booklet. I am very pleased.

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I got my copies in the mail and I'm so thrilled for you Kathy! It's got to be beyond word to see the fruits of your labor and creativity in a published book! Even my husband was going, "That's amazing!"


Big :hug to you! (And I can hardly wait for the second, third, fourth, fifth books to be published!)


Take care,


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