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    Lori M. Carlson
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    Lori is an avid thread crocheter, aspiring thread crochet designer, dedicated feline maintenance worker, Pooky's loving wife, culinary dilettante, and Questor of the Perfect Cheeseburger.
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    Hillsborough, NC
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    crocheting, culinary arts, gardening
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    Thread crochet designer
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    designing my own
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  1. I consider myself and expert because I have tried the really super challenging patterns and was able to complete them and come up with the same results as the example given. I also consider myself able to look at a finished pattern and determine what stitches were used to achieve the end result. Not that I can just look at a finished product and work it backwards, but I can tell that coming up should be a round of a particular stitch, etc. Or I can spot the difference in what is written and what is shown in the example--like a pattern error. I like this question--made me think! Tak
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