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    Lori is an avid thread crocheter, aspiring thread crochet designer, dedicated feline maintenance worker, Pooky's loving wife, culinary dilettante, and Questor of the Perfect Cheeseburger.
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  1. This month I'm making my designing debut with two designs in two magazines! I'm so excited to finally be sharing these designs with fellow crocheters! I hope you'll enjoy making them First is Split Infinitive featured in Crochet! Magazine. This version of the design has been made into a pillow and uses size 10 thread. I'm quite proud of this design as it is my first, and it presented many challenges that I worked through. The second is Mehndi Necklace published in the summer issue of Interweave Crochet. I have also shared on my blog the story of this design. The necklace is made with size 20 thread and works up quickly. It can be worn with casual clothes or evening wear. The original design
  2. Pattern Information Pattern Description: A size 20 thread barefoot sandal worked in 13 rnds using 4 complimenting colors. It is approximately 4” diameter. Stitches used include: bpdc, dc, sl st, sc, and working behind sl sts. Size will fit most adult woman’s feet. Pattern Style: Written. Skill Level: Intermediate to advanced. Yarn/Material/Tools Required: Size 20 crochet thread in up to 4 complimenting colors; use of single color for the pattern test will be accepted. Estimated about 50 yards total for a pair of sandals, or about 6 grams of thread. Size 1.25 mm steel hook, or size needed to obtain pattern gauge. Tester is to provide all materials. Tester Information Number of Testers Needed: 2-4 Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: 8 hours Deadline: Saturday, March 23, 2013 Tester Experience: Prior experience preferred. If you are new to testing must be able to meet the deadline and responsibilities. Tester Responsibilities: 1. Make at least one sandal. 2. Feedback concerning any instructions that are unclear or confusing. 3. Verify stitch counts. 4. Feedback concerning any errors in the pattern. 5. Feedback concerning the fit of the straps. 6. One photo of a completed sandal being worn. 7. Approximate time it took for you to make. 8. General feedback that would be useful or helpful to other crocheters. 9. Estimate of total yards or grams of thread used. *Please do not post pictures of your completed project until the pattern is released.* Pattern will be sent to testers in PDF format. Compensation Testers that complete the requirements by or before the deadline will receive a free copy of the final pattern and will be given credit as a pattern tester. If you have questions, please feel free to send me a PM. I will check every couple of hours or so throughout the day. ~ Lori
  3. While it may be helpful to study fashion design or earn an artistic degree, I would say it isn't necessary to be a designer. I'm a soon-to-be published designer who has a bachelor of science degree (pre-med biology) and a master's in marriage and family therapy. My immediate friends who are also designers either have not gone to college or have a non-art degree. What we do all have in common is an undying passion for crochet. What I can suggest to you is to look into joining the CGOA, and if financially possible for you, attend one of the Chain Link conferences. The Professional Development Day offered at both conferences is extremely helpful in getting started as a designer. I also suggest applying for the Crochet Associate Professional designation through CGOA. This will allow you to receive a mentor (absolutely free) which is invaluable. It's also important to network with other designers and crocheters. Seek out crochet groups in your area, and if there are none then start up a group!
  4. I'm excited to share with you all my first self-published design! The motif for these barefoot sandals was inspired by mehndi, aka henna tattoo art. These are made using Lizbeth Size 20 thread. The design also looks great using either a solid or variegated color. They work up quickly so you can make a pair to color coordinate with your favorite summer outfits. Payal: Mehndi Inspired Barefoot Sandals
  5. More beautiful and colorful doilies! I am partial to the pinks, but they are all wonderful!
  6. You've done a superlative job! The pattern is really antique looking, a real stunning classic design.
  7. Lovely work! I love the purples the most.
  8. I'd say it leans towards the experienced side, with some patterns being easier than others. Melanie is definitely for the more experienced crocheter.
  9. My 57th doily has been blocked and ready for presentation. It is Jennifer from Victorian Spiral Doilies. I made her using size 20 Opera in Claret. I have not measured for diameter size. I will mostly likely give her to my SIL whose name is also Jennifer.
  10. Just thought I'd share how Espresso faired at the NC State Fair. She took first and best of show, again! I am astounded--really, because of how things always went for me at the former fair I'd enter in Washington state. With the prize money I'll buy more thread, of course!
  11. Click for larger view I decided what the heck, I'll enter a doily into my new local fair just to see what happens. I went with Espresso from Coffee N' Cream Doilies and used Olympus size 40 thread in Light Lavender and Pink/Lavender variegated with a size 4 Clover Soft Touch steel hook. I was a little more than nervous when I went to the fair to see the doily. It wasn't where all of the home furnishings were! My husband called my attention to a special Best of Show display, and there it was! OK, I'll be honest with you about this. Mine was the only doily entered, so taking first and best of show with no competition almost doesn't seem right. However, I have already invest my prize money into the purchase of more thread! LOL! I'm going to enter this doily into the State Fair in Raleigh and see what happens, so stay tuned!
  12. Your work looks flawless! I commend you for making this doily more than once! Keep up the outstanding work!
  13. Your doily is so pretty! I think the pink color makes it look so delicate. You do excellent work!
  14. Many congratulations on your first place at the fair! Your doily is truly outstanding!
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