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    I love crocheting, pets, cooking, and visual arts
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    Northern Ontario
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    crochet, drawing, photography, cooking, sleeping, :)
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    Taking care of my four "kids" (pets)
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    Used to be dishcloths, now its snugglies for pets in shelters, and preemie stuff
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    since about 1992
  1. Woot! I got the most beautiful doilies from Wildthing! Thank you SO much! I love the threads - the colors, how they gloss, and of course, the patterns! I'll try and get pics up! I've not forgotten you (aka my little letter), just cracked my wrist (snicker - of course, the one I use), so, its coming along, slowly but surely! Thanks again, so very very much! Cynthia
  2. I finally got to go to the mail, and amongst the load of stuff was the most beautiful doilies I ever got! There were 3 of them in blues, whites and black, and a ladybug keychain to boot! Its soooo cute! The doilies are going up, on the wall, away from kitty paws and puppy drool! Thanks Kim (Ktornatola) sooo very very much! Cheers! Cynthia
  3. Wow! that was fast! I'm glad you liked them, did the package survive the cat nip attack? lol! I had to store the envelopes high enough up (thank goodness my roomie is tall!) so that the cats would leave them alone! you are very welcome, I had a blast making them! take care hun, Cyn
  4. Your doilies have been shipped ladies (on Thursday actually). I hope you get them soon! its been a blast! Cheers! Cynthia
  5. Ladies, your doilies are DONE! (yessssss!) they are going out on Monday (if it does not rain ) the last one was pinned a few minutes ago, and it will be all packed with love and care, and out they go! woohoo! (felt like a marathon there for a while lol!) I only hope you enjoy them! (wipes forehead ) Cheers and hugs! Cyn
  6. I got my package today, from Crochetdreams. boy, I have the best partner! I got SO spoiled! I took pics, cuz I know I'll forget something if I start listing! but Dee, thank you SO much! I love it all, the bag! the lighter! LADYBUGS! lol! it was SO cool to open that box! (and it soooo made my day brighter believe me!) I cannot thank you enough! ok, here are the pics! I've put the windwhirl (as we call them) on the clothesline, so its free to fly! (and I was going to buy one too!) mindreader! drool over these lol! I did! thanks again Dee, you're the very best! big hugs, Cyn
  7. Have no fear, she fits! see below LOL! and its been announced amid chunks of fur and hisses that its hers! (snicker) miss shy gets miss feisty when anyone approaches her bed! lol! she says Merci (she's a French-speaking cat) Thanks again! (glad you like the blue afghan, it was made for my mom - well, for me, then mom saw it, when I brought to show it to her, and she just oooohed sooo much I said, here mom, you can have it!) you're the best! my guys spaz over the toys (would there be catnip by any chance? please say yes otherwise, I'll be very scared LOL!) cheers! Cyn
  8. Patty! you are an angel! I got your wonderful package today! I drove my roomie totally batty by waiiiting and prolonging the suspense, and he was like, open the darn thing! LOL! and then of course, I bring it to the living room, and Goldie's licking the box, the cats are looking at me like there is a monster about to spring out of it! (snicker) and then I open it! I put the gorgeous bone mat down, upon which Jazz laid down, right away, then the round pet bed, which GOLDIE of all pets, claimed! she was standing in it, (ok 2 legs), and was like, its MINE! back OFF! lol! the fish mat is SO sweet! and the doily! I put it on the pantry door, which everyone sees when you walk in my house! and the treats! omg! they went NUTS! Goldie is a fuss-pot! and she rarely eats treats (other than greenies and temptations (I know I know cat stuff loL!) she ate one, wasn't sure. ate a second, then a third, and then by that time, she's licking the bag and I'm like woah! une minute! lol! and I loved your sweet card too! I took pics, and I'll post them up, when the batteries are done charging! I now have a most gorgeous mat to put under the water dish (and protect my hardwood floors), and toys! (almost lost my fingers there) Gorbie fell for the fish-toy, and the fur ball thingy (I fell for that, but had to relinquish it to the cats lol!) and the spiral thing, that almost cost me my left hand. Just wait til you see the pics! You put in SO much work in there, and in so little time too! Its kinda funny, cuz the round bed really fits only Gorbie, but apparently, Jazz was ... stretched over it (and he's a big boy like his daddy), and claimed it, until daddy came over and shoved him off! (snicker). I cannot thank you enough! It made a seriously bad and rough day turn out bright and shinny! (and I was not going to go to the P.O. today! its a good thing I did!). My cats send you purrs of happiness, and Goldie big wet kisses! I loved the colors, it DOES suit them SO very very much, and I loved the textures too... Thanks hun, you're the best! I'll post the pics in the morning! Cyn Here are the pics... there's more on my photobucket site... Cheers ya'll! and thanks again, Patty! There are tons more pics, for those of you who are interested in my photo album (link is in sig.) THe boys checking out the new toys The mom checking out HER bed A perfect mat! All the goodies except the treats The kitties/puppies and the treats The cutest pic yet Thanks SO much Patty!
  9. Thanks so much Patty! The kitties give you some mighty purrs, and Goldie a nice wet "kiss"! and I send you a hug! You're the greatest, and you have NO idea how much this is appreciated! I know well how much it costs to ship to the states:yes, especially if you want to "register it", so I usually choose the "lesser" option, so that I can add more goodies to my swap partners. Thanks again, you just made a loooong and unhappy day very happy instead. (and I love how you say, you HAVE to make some for the zoo LOL!) take great care, and I'm sic'ing (sp?) my roomie on the post office! Cheers! Cynthia
  10. if the mod got the email we sent (stating the package was sent etc.)?
  11. CrochetDreams! you can stalk the postman (especially if he's cute!) I mailed your puffy today! actually, its part one of 2, but the rest will come after payday... I hope you like it! (there's no confirmation number, as it was not a "parcel"...) Hugs and cheers! Cyn
  12. I got my package from my Partner today! (and it was the perfect day to receive it too, rotten day, and chilly (brrrr)) and boy did I get spoiled! A head scarf, TWO long beautiful scarves in colors that just made me drool (and SHE remembered to include the labels LOL! I forgot for hers! THREAD and BEADS! WOOHOO! and... cho-co-late! yessssss (my fave kind!)! I'll have to hide those from the roomie muwahahaha! Oh, and embroidery thread too! Now I can try that crocheting with thread thing a very good friend of mine suggested! I posted pics, gotta show everyone! This is the perfect PERFECT way to end a day! You're the best hun! Thanks SO much! You can be sure I'll use everything! thank you thank you THANK YOU!
  13. Mailed it out this afternoon. Here's the tracking number: CX 135 410 335 CA Its expedited parcel, so I hope you get it, uh, this evening (yah! riiight!) Hope you like it hun! To everyone, have a fantabulous weekend! Its finally warm enough to go out (and stay out) in a T-Shirt! I's is planting stuff this weekend, can't wait! Cheers! Cynthia
  14. woohoo! (waves madly) glad to see you made it here! I can't wait to get started! hugs, to all! Cyn
  15. I love this little guy! He'd fit right in with all the dust bunnies from the cats! lol! Please? Thanks! Cynthia
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