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    Hi, I found my pattern. It is called Pinwheel Star Granny Square. I don't know if you can google search it or not. I found it way back in 2003. Thanks for trying to help me! Sandy
  2. skar589


    Hi, I have been looking for a potholder pattern. I have the potholder but can't find the pattern. It is made in sc and has points like a ripple but turns into a square. I don't know if you can help but I thought I would try anyhow. Thanks! Sandy
  3. Hi All, I'm in Clearfield, PA. I live along side of the Susquehanna river.
  4. Hi Granny Square, Your pie pattern looks pretty much like what I remember. Thanks! Sandy
  5. Hi, The pattern I remember was in the shape of a circle and had a lattice top. Maybe I should try to just crochet one. Thanks! ~~Sandy~~
  6. Hi Sheryl, Thanks for the links but they're not what I remember. I did a google search--I didn't find anything. They must be vintage. Thanks anyhow! Sandy
  7. Hi, Does anyone remember a crochet pattern for this potholder? I'm not sure but I think it was either an Annie's Attic or House of White Birches. I am looking for it. If anyone knows, let me know. Thanks! Sandy
  8. I think your purse idea is a good one. I hope she likes it.
  9. Your Lady is very nice. I hope you win a blue ribbon too!
  10. Vicietoria, How big are these squares supposed to be? I need to know. I made one and it is only 10". Is that ok? Thanks! Sandy
  11. They are AWESOME! You did a wonderful job!
  12. Hi Victoria, I just wanted to let you know that I got my black yarn and am going to make my squares in the next couple of days. I will mail them out at the end of the month. I hope that is ok. Thanks! Sandy
  13. Hi Vickietoria, Is it too late for me to join in and make some squares for you? Let me know. Sandy
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